Wasson Way Project Cincinnati

Wasson Way Project Cincinnati


Wasson Way

A shared bike and pedestrian path that gives individuals and families a place to get out and engage with their community actively, all the while protecting a resource for future transit.

The Wasson Way is a proposed path that will go 6.5 miles from Xavier University to the Little Miami Bike Trail in Newtown. It would give 120,000 people, living within one mile of the trail, access to a network of over 100 miles of bike and pedestrian trails, most of which already exist. With a short connector to Armleder Park near Lunken Airport, the network of trails will soon go from Coney Island to downtown, from Lunken Airport to Milford and beyond, eventually connecting to northern Ohio.

Over the last 20 years we’ve seen cities transition abandoned spaces such as these into remarkable greenways that enliven communities, increase commerce, and attract residents. In cities like Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Washington DC, which have urban trails, they are consistently mentioned as one of the best features of those cities.