Training Inside

Training Inside

Living in Cincinnati forces all but the insane to ride inside for a couple month of the year.  Lots of people hate this but I am glad to have winter.  Being forced to ride inside has the benefit of very focused training but more importantly for me it helps reset my motivation when spring rolls around so I do not get burn out too early. Luckily Cincinnati winters are not that bad so it possible to get outside on many weekends.  When In school I spent one winter in Wisconsin and was forced on the trainer every day till April.

That being said indoor training can be a drag but I find it much more managble with others, and I often go train on UC campus with the UC team as a way to break up the cycle.  Today’s workout was 5×5 4min rest. I got in before the others to get some extra endurance in but it was great to have the extra group mentality push during the intervals and I ended up get a much better workout than if I had been at home.

On the schedule for this week is field test evaluation day on Thursday.  Blood lactate threshold test on Friday.  Then on Saturday Im helping out the UC team by administering a few LT test during their LT test fund raising day.




Data from today’s ride