Tour of Red River Gorge Road Race June 2010

Tour of Red River Gorge Road Race June 2010

The TRRG is a three day Omnium ( cumulative points race) held yearly in and around the beautiful and challenging Red River Gorge in Kentucky. This year, the Saturday road race served as Kentucky’s CAT4/5 state championship race. THC represented as Andrew Suchocki, Alex Steinker, and Zach Cahill to race Saturday’s CAT4/5 road race, Brendan Kiefer racing Saturday CAT3, Zach Cahill racing Sunday’s CAT4/5, and Scott Pardi on the injured list offering support, drunken slurs, and coffee bumps. The boys reported an amazing course(s) with excellent race organization and course support.

The highlight of the weekend goes to Andrew Suchocki who, in top form, toasted the front group by riding away from the bunch sprint!! Andrew has been on fire since St. Leon, racking up points in the Ault Park Crit Series, and this powerful finish in the Kentucky State Championship race shows it. Check out the photos showing him pulling away from the field for the last few hundred meters.

Hats off to Zach Cahill for finishing well on Saturday’s hilly course and then going back for a heavy dose of the Red River Gorge Battle on the Byway epic stage. Much fun was had by all. Scott and Alex set the tone on the Sky Bridge climb on Sunday, cheering on the winded racers, while wearing only bibs and  our new THC arm warmers. This race is so well run, and the course is awesome; next year expect alot more Hungry color in the peloton and on the sidelines. Enough talk, check some photos…

Suchocki Powers Off Front In Sprint

Suchocki Holds Em Off

Suchocki Wins Definitively

Alex, Before the Hills

Brendan in the Pack

4/5's head out

Nada Tunnel, Sunday's Entrance to the Climbs

Inside Nada Tunnel - Lit for the Race Only

4/5 race climbing through "The Red"

Zach in the lead group 4/5 race at Sky Bridge Climb

Passing riders headed to Sky Bridge Switchback

Keep Going!! At Sky Bridge Area of Climb

Alex and Scott reppin' THC in bibs and arm warmers

Zach makin' flap jacks, Scott grinding coffee

Andrew's Rocket Fuel Fit for Team HUNGRY!!