Thankful for CX

Thankful for CX

I need a good morning of pre-gaming (moonshine & bikes) before closing myself indoors for a few hours with the family during the holidays. Many people share this sentiment. Team Hungry usually heads for the mountain bike trails every Thanksgiving, but Corey Green’s rain dance brought mud and an impromptu cyclocross race that we couldn’t resist.

The race began with a track-influenced qualifier – Miss-N-Outs – where groups of five weaved around a small bunch of trees. The last person around on each lap was removed until you had a winner. The catch: if you were first on any lap, you had to take the mandatory desert hand-up (see below).

Starting order of the main event was determined by the qualifier and Corey Green’s discretion. Racers were released in heats based on some six-sigma algorithm that was worked out in seconds before the race.

The course was full of flying candy corn, mandatory pit stops, challenging short-cuts and of course, MUD. Finally we have soft ground! With all of the desert hand-ups, I’m pretty sure I had a net calorie gain by the end of the race. It was Thanksgiving, after all.

Hours later I am meeting my future in-laws…Dreaming of getting rad and thankful to have the momentum of an early morning cx race to get me through the day.

Thanks Corey!