Team Hungry Grows for 2011 Season!

Team Hungry Grows for 2011 Season!

Thats right!  Team Hungry is happy to welcome the addition to 5 new hungarians.  These are all people that we believe live and breathe the Hungry lifestyle.  Words can not explain how excited we are to have all of these wonderful people on our team for 2011 season.  Here are the names.

Anne Mcdonald, Blaire Barter, Jamie Williamson, Matt Harbaugh, and Adam Noderer.

First and foremost I must say how excited I am to have Anne and Blaire on the team.  Anne has been on the “Thursday Night Hungry Buffett All You Can Eat Ride” and absolutely smoked me.  Very strong rider indeed.  I haven’t personally had the chance to meet Blaire yet, but i have heard some great stories about her abilities.

I first met Jamie at Gun Club Cross a few months ago.  I was taken back because a stranger came up to me in the plaid nightmare that is our skin suit and introduced him self.  I could already tell this guy was an absolute kind heart and incredibly strong on the CX course.  He is also very close with James, Anne, and Blair.  Unfortunately that means they are all going to work together on the Thursday Rides now and crush the rest of us!

Where do I begin with Matt Harbaugh.  At the start of CX season I knew I wanted him on Team Hungry.  He never missed the Thursday Night Devou Park Hotlaps and also never missed the opportunity to drop me.  Thankfully he has already been intiated so he is settling in quite nice.  I can’t comment much on the initiation other than there was lots of great beer, bourbon, home cooked dinner, and two Hungry riders almost finishing dead last at the Lexington CX race the next day.  Matt was one of those.  I’m not sure who the other guy was ;) (yes thats an emoticon).

Adam Noderer… I don’t think I went on a single ride all year that Adam wasn’t on.  I was first introduced from Glenn.  At first I thought oh great he is a friend of glenn.. I already know his riding style.. super proper, quiet, rides 150 miles at a time without flinching, excellent goatee and hair grooming before and after riding.  HA  Far from it!  Adam is a great rider who had some serious miles under his belt last season.  He is also radstoked to race next season and we are radstoked to have him.

Ladies and Gents’ prepare your selves for a long season of beer, food, pain, long rides, and jokes.