St. Leon – Series Finale OSRS#8

St. Leon – Series Finale OSRS#8

The Spring Road Race┬áSeries ended with the epic St. Leon course near Brookville, Indiana. Alex, Zach, Scott, Andrew, Nathan Kemphues, and new member Brendan Keifer (CAT3), were Hungry for action (but ended up very thirsty for water). The day was hot, the course was an 18 mile loop, country roller coaster, featuring a Paris-Roubaix sandy, wooded, wet, knarly climb, lots of rollers, wind, rough pavement, fast twisty decent, and a false flat finish. The 5’s did two laps, the 4’s did three, and the 1,2,3’s roughed it for 4 laps. The race was very challenging, but THC vet, Andrew Suchocki layed waste to any challengers for the sprint in the CAT4 race. Drews acceleration up the last set of hills before the finish broke the break group of ten including a shredded Scotty P who scraped in to 8th. Congrats to rookie Nate Kemphues who gave a solid challenge to finish 4th in the CAT5 race, HOOT HOOT!! Here are some snaps…

That is Suchocki Destroying the Break Before the Line

This is How to Finish a Race

The Nate Train Going into Last Lap

Alex Cruisin Euro Style

Zach is Done for the Day

Scott Finished, Quite Finished