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spring valley road race – Team Hungry Cycling
spring valley road race

spring valley road race

Not having finished well this year, I went to the Spring Valley road race determined to show the spirit of Team Hungry. Scott Pardi had a rumble in in tummy, and Mike C. was cravin’ some righteous racing. With a big hill finish, we all knew this course played to our strengths. Like every other race this season, the cat 4 race was fast from the start. We caught the 3’s within about 2/3 through the first lap, there were various break attempts, all of which were caught/thwarted by the 3’s presence. Somewhere in the late 2nd or early third lap, the 3’s were neutralized and the 4’s were free to attack. And attack they did, there was a break 4 out of 5 laps right after the hill. Each lap they were caught right before the hill. I bridged a few gaps and took some time at the front, but if another rider didn’t pull through, I sat up. Justin from Team Awesome took extended pulls at the front through the whole race to catch each break. As the bell rang signaling the final lap, another break went, of 2 riders. The peloton did not work together, and the gap widened. At the down hill, up hill 2/3 through the course came, the pack really picked up the pace, and the break was caught at the base of the hill. After a hard climb, I lost sprint and took 11th place. I am still happy with my race.

Scott Pardi is having a great year. He took 2nd place!!! Look at those beautiful legs climb that hill.