Spring Valley Road Race – OSRS #5

Spring Valley Road Race – OSRS #5

Team Hungry represented well with seven riders at the Spring Valley  road race. Alex S, Andrew S, Kerry R, Michael C, Michael S, Scott P, and Zach C all raced in the harsh winds and cold rain on one of the more exciting, rolling, and turning courses of the series. The course seems best for all-rounders despite the short but hard uphill before the flat finish, which busted legs and lungs and split the lead groups before the line. Wind likely led to the crash in the 4’s that eventually brought Andrew Suchocki down hard -tearing two layers of jersey and even more layers of flesh off his shoulder hip and legs. Amazingly, Andrew got up to come in fast to finish behind the pack -he is healing well and ready to fight again. Top finishes of the day came from Zach snagging a 4th place in the CAT5’s, Michael C taking 5th in the 3’s, and Scott with a 6th place in the CAT4’s.

Team ducks out of pre-race downpour

Michael C bringing it to the line

Kerry at the start

Michael S on his way to the front

Andrew before the carnage

Scott getting thrashed at finish

Zach moving up before the line