OSRS #2 – New Haven Road Race

OSRS #2 – New Haven Road Race

OSRS #2 – New Haven Road Race was set in the rolling countryside of Miami Whitewater Forest one of Cincinnati’s great parks.

Lesbi-Anne made her racing comeback after a broken collar bone at the Mainstrasse Race Seriesin August of 2011! Unfortunately for her, while she was healing from the initial break, she fell and broke the collar bone again! Earlier this year the bone still was not healed so she went and had surgery to get a titanium plate help keep her together. Needless to say, Lesbi-Anne is back in full force. She took her fair share of pulls and finished mid-pack. Way to go grrl!

Lesb-Anne pulling in full force...

LesbiAnne - pulling the peloton around

We had a great turn out for the mens 3/4 race; Kyle, Seth, Starr, Hardball, Big Tom and I were all registered. Unlike the 100 field the week before, this was a workable 50+ field. Large pelotons on one lane roads are a bit hectic. The first race, I felt like I rode my brakes way more than any other race I’ve experienced. In comparison, this 50+ peloton felt comfortable. For most of the race it felt like a steady group ride. Except when we’d get to the Alert / New London Hill – 1/2 mile at 5% avg. grade. This is where the attacking would take place and stretch the pack. The peloton would stay separated going down the other side, around a tight corner and through a mellow grinding up hill rolling section. The peloton regrouped, passed the finish line for one 10 mile lap and repeat.

Lap 4 of 5 my rubber band snapped and I had that horrible sensation of watching the race disappear in front of my eyes as I wasn’t able to hold a wheel any longer. In hindsight, here’s how I blew the race:
-I found out about STRAVA after The Best Bike Blog Ever recently made a post “Goodbye Townline Sprint, Hellow Strava” – stoopid thing #1
-On Thursday, I should’ve been tapering off, I went to get some STRAVA KOM Glory¬† – stoopid thing #2
-I thought the race was on Sunday and I should be recovered from my STRAVA. Turns out Big Tom and LesbiAnne also thought the race was on Sunday. Big Tom went out for a hard group ride Thursday Night – stoopid thing #3
-Zero warm up before race… I had to find a last minute baby sitter. She / Stepfanie happened to be a course marshall for race day day. – stoopid thing #4

Add all of my stoopid things up and this is how you can easily blow your race. I did get 2nd overall behind Chris Uberti on the OSRS Strava Challenge for the Alert / New London Hill strava, strava, strava… warning, it’s addictive.

Back to the race report…

Seth - Crushing Watts and Taking Names

Big Tom, Starr, Hardball and I were off the back for the last lap. Seth and Kyle were still on the hunt for some solid placement. Seth told me Kyle took some strong pulls to keep the pace ramped up with Kyle and Seth in good position for the later half of the last lap. Rounding the last corner and it’s game on. Some people make some moves at 1000m… Then 500m… It’s not until 200m that you see Seth blow by everyone like they’re standing still. If you’ve had the chance to see Seth’s engine run at full power hold onto your handlebars and try to get in his slip stream. Seth wins the bunch spring with Kyle 2 men behind. Overall they get a 3rd and 5th because of a 2 man breakaway. I anticipate many podium finishes for that duo. We haven’t had a ‘climbing’ race where I think Kyle will start crushing.


Here’s some footage from Ian Cramer