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OSRS #1 Deer Creek – Team Hungry Cycling
OSRS #1 Deer Creek

OSRS #1 Deer Creek


Awesome first race for the hungry men’s and women’s squads.  Anne and Blair both had an excellent showing in the women’s 123.  Definitely going to be on the podium regularly.  The Cat 5 men’s field was dominated early on with a 2 man break.  Adam settled on finishing with the bunch.  Nice work!  The Cat 4 race was a strange race.. many failed break attempts lead to a tired bunch and a the group finally got away on lap 2.  Zach, Matt, and myself remained silent in the rest of the bunch just trying to stay up right through the end.  I’m just happy I finished with the group!  The Cat 3 race sounded brutal from the words of Scott, MC, and Andrew.  Andrew got away with 2 others on the last hill and that group stay away until the finish.  It was really close between the break and the bunch.  Andrew Ended up at 3rd, MC took an 11th place spot, and Scott was tucked in the group somewhere.  Official results to come soon.  All in all it was a great day.  Hungry is definitely going to name associated with fear and pain this year!

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