NYE CX PIE (New Years Eve Cyclocross Pie Recycled Tape)

NYE CX PIE (New Years Eve Cyclocross Pie Recycled Tape)

Pretty much everyone had hung up their CX bikes for the season about a month ago. Then, those wiseguys at QCW thought they’d give us one more punch to the stomach, leg, shoulder, etc… Some of us suckers had our arms bent and twisted to get out to Kingswood for some mud slinging in near 60 degree December 31 weather!

Category C:
Jamie was holding 2nd place for 95% of the race. Not sure Jamie ever had a chance for 1st against a CAT 2 rider in his first CX race. In all fairness, the CAT 2 rider got his first cross bike 2 weeks before the race. Jamie hammered out strong laps until the last creek crossing / bunny hop over the handlebar excursion. He regained composure only to find his brakes were locked up. He managed to bring home a respectable 4th considering.

Anne and Blair showed up to represent all the ladies in the house. This was Anne’s first CX race and she finished in a promising 2nd place while racing her mid-90’s steel mountain bike, which somehow has similar geometry to a modern CX bike. Apparently Blair won the “Biff of the Day” award! Not sure were Blair ended at the end of the race.

Category B:
James, Ben (still flying THC colors), Matt and Scott were in the B race. I think Ben hooked up a 2nd place overall with pure mud sliding skills and James won a bag of donuts for the first lap prime. James was trying to avoid a “downed rider” and bunny hop the creek only to TACO his rim on the other side. Taco’s are much better with salsa and guacomole. James kicked his rim into shape and rode for a while without back brakes. The tire eventually popped, he grabbed a replacement and somehow kept out of DFL. Scott had something up his sleeves and looked like he was out for a cruise to FHK. I believe Hardball / Hairball had a top ten finish on the day as well. He has some helmet cam footage I hope he shares with the interwebs.

Category A:
CX thoroughbred mudders Chewning, Ben, Matt, Scott and Alex were all ready to terrorize the “A” race with a fury of hungry*
Chewning went out solid and strong with Scott pushing him around the fun track. I had to leave early but I do know Chewning (slumberjack) grabbed a podium spot with a solid 2nd behind Ryan Gamm. Slumberjack says he’s never beat Ryan. Well son, this is your year to get one on him! Pardi was definitely pre-race’n the course with the “B” crowd and ended up just off of the podium with a 4th! The only other result I know is that Stinker got lapped while riding a borrowed bike and wearing borrowed shoes. I would’ve liked to hear that he grabbed a top 5 while on a borrowed road bike with down tube shifters and cages. sadly, that’s not the case.

What a great muddy time!

Again thanks to QCW Lionhearts for organizing this race. The Lionhearts are creating a slew of fast racers that have no plans on watching your rear wheel for too long!



this hurts


lesbianne out for a cruise

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