Longest Day Fundraiser: WAY TO GO TEAM HUNGRY!

Longest Day Fundraiser: WAY TO GO TEAM HUNGRY!

jeff-longest-day-everCongratulations, Team Hungry!

Because of you all, we raised almost $1200 yesterday!

More than 15 team members + family members participated in riding our bikes all day on the Longest day of the year, raising support and awareness for the 15 million family member caregivers in the US who battle this terrible disease not just on the longest day of the year, but every day.

At our local chapter board meeting this am, I learned our Team was one of 62 teams in the area who raised over $30K, all of which supports the essential social work support services of the Alzheimers Association.

This event is important to me personally, and to many of you who have been touched by Alzheimers. Thank you. Events like this also help support our Team mission (as a nonprofit organization) and our sponsors (bringing increased visibility) Next year, look for a more organized effort, more ways to get involved (biking), and a bigger party afterwards (although those who could attend enjoyed some choice Rhinegeist including the limited edition Fluxion Belgian Extra Pale Ale.)


Thanks for being such a wonderfully awesome group of people.

With Love & Gratitude,

Jeff and Liz Schlaudecker


Here are a few highlights:

-Seeing Wild Kingdom level animal activity with Joe early am along the River, before a ‘vegan’ Western Omelet Bagel sandwich

-Riding along Rt 8 with Billy and Glenn as we strongly bumped into Chris Norris (driving his car) presumably chasing Strava segments.

-Reflecting on Liz’s grandmother Mimi’s battle with Alzheimers as we snuck in a late morning ride.

-Having lunch and getting dry shorts While Ben Dawson rode over noon (thanks Ben!)

-Getting passed by an aggressive driver, only to see that driver later (unhurt) but involved in an accident with a utility truck he unwisely passed.

-Hearing about some of Danny’s experiences with Alzheimer’s patients as a nurse and the touching impact on his life they made, despite of their memory problems.

-UDF Soft Serve

-My 4 year Ben old biking in circles on the driveway from 1-2pm because he wanted to do his part

-Cooper flatting on her commute home, but still making it up Devou

-Stierwalt shepherding Lionhearts on a 25 mile summer evening ride!

-Beers with Schulzes, Hopgoods, Joe, Billy, Liz and my kids on the deck in the rain

-Thanks everyone!