Harbin Park Winter MTB Time Trial Series

Harbin Park Winter MTB Time Trial Series

While half of the team was off at UC testing their lactating thresholds (only 1 girl went, not sure why the guys went), Jamie and I (James) went out to Harbin park today for a warm winter TT race thing – Harbin Park Riding Dirty TT Series. The weather gurus predicted we’d see temps in the high 30’s today. With a fresh pack of snow on the ground, we were hoping it would stay cold enough to not turn the park into a mud fest.

Back to the story. I took some warm-up laps around the parking lot for a while and should’ve pre-rode the trail a bit… This would’ve paid off because I cooked the first corner and laid the bike down and gave myself a nice show bath. I was thinking, “oh, this place is s l i p p e r y . . . I need to take it easy…” It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how hard you can push it in the corners before sliding out. I ended up with a pretty good “drifting” system that would allow me to hammer through the corners and floor it in the woops. Definitely a dicey fun-ass technical ride.

Jamie - Ridin' the last hill!!!

Jamie was one spot out of top 10 with an 11th on the day. I know he finished real strong riding the last hill that I had to walk / run. Upon completion, he tried to collapse, but I pushed him to warm down some. Jamie, top 10 is yours!

James - Huff'n

I was ecstatic about my 6th place considering I was on a SS (my only MTB). I might’ve been first in a SS class. No complaints, my first MTB race since 1994.

Friends and peeps:

Billiter - somethings not right.

Matt - Look at that Girvin with "J" swoop... Made around the last time I did a MTB race

Jason - on his 1988 rig. This guy is on my heavy recruitment list - bawler!


Thanks to Nick Dunn for the rad photos!!!