Chris Norris

Chris Norris

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Chris Norris

DOB:02.06.79 AGE:35 HEIGHT:5’10” WEIGHT:172

MTB CAT:2 CX CAT:3 35+, SS

Tri-State 6 Hour Duo-Male
Brookside OVCX
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Rider Profile

Chris came to Hungry* at the beginning of the 2013 CX season after leaving a 3 year stand with the Rogue Racing Project ::513::. Chris brings a passion for mountain biking and cyclocross with him. Since joining, Chris has actively participated in volunteering with the race and web committees. He has participated in the Tri-State 6 Hour series in both duo-male and the solo category. In 2013, he and Thom McKenna took 3rd place over-all for the series. In OVCX, Chris took 2nd place in both the King’s International and BloomingCX which vaulted him to a Cat 3 by the second race in 2013.

Chris looks to continue mountain bike racing and cyclocross racing throughout the coming year. He’s also been dabbli9ng with the thought of doing some roadie stuff too! 8)

Race Results

Q&A Time…
Who inspired you to start cycling?
A couple high school buddies of mine got me into mountain biking and I’ve been hooked ever since.
First bike?
First “real” bike was a 26″ Specialize Rock Hopper
Childhood hero?
Chuck Norris (of course)
What do you love most about cycling?
Freedom to explore. Be it on the road or trail, it’s up to you where you go.
What keeps you going when you are red lining?
Absolutely nothing. 8)
Favorite race?
Tri-State 6 Hour Series. Been involved since the beginning of the series and love each race.
Favorite ride?
Poto in Michigan or Amasa Back in Moab, Utah
Interests away from cycling?
Family stuff, techy computer nerdy stuff, and home brewing
Favorite drink?
Any good IPA will do…
Favorite music?
I’m all over the board on this one. I can pretty much listen to anything that is NOT mainstream radio.
Favorite food?
Thai or Indian by a long shot.
Most embarrassing moment on a bike?
Oh boy…that header I took over the barriers at the 2013 King’s race where Kent was so perfectly placed for the photo op.
Interesting factoid?
Grew up in a small town in West Virginia named ‘Short Gap’. There were two mountains, a short gap between them…thus the town name.
Last thoughts before this is over?
Is this over yet?