EI (England Idlewild) Tuesday Night Mountain Bike TT’s

EI (England Idlewild) Tuesday Night Mountain Bike TT’s

EI Trails has been putting on a really fun MTB TT on Tuesday nights. The event is sponsored by Campus Cyclery with some fun pay outs to fastest lap, most improved time, etc… Team Hungry* has had some solid showing with Mark Hooton, Brian (bubba) Long, (tall)Thom Anderson, Jamie(pikecounty) Williams, Billy (kurmudgeon) Craig and me (no name person).

Campus sets up a little repair area and Brian wrenches on bikes.

This week everyone saw improved times(Google Spreadsheet Results)! Everyone had improved their overall time except me. I started out with a pretty fast first lap and slid out on one of the hard packed corners on the second lap. Slammed pretty good and got my mojo knocked out.

The course is really fast! Unfortunately, the top exposed section is really dry. Imagine racing on asphalt that someone has thrown kitty litter all over. I finally started to take some of these loose corners in the perimeter grass to hold my speed.

To note, Billy Craig hopped on my SS MTB and tore it up… Hasn’t ridden a MTB in 10+ years and has never rode my bike or EI. He through down some radness even after hitting his head while riding to registration.

Post-race beers, chit chat, grub and it’s all in good fun. We then head out again for a bit more dirt thrashing.

Get there next Tuesday – good times!

Pictures by: Michael Martin