devou park crit, season finale

devou park crit, season finale

It was a hot day. The weatherman said stay inside, drink plenty of liquids and hope to hell your a.c. doesn’t break. Fortunately, the clouds brought some much needed rain in the afternoon and cooled nasti off by about 10 degrees.

christa, void of expression

I got to Devou in time to watch Christa begin and finish her race! Yeh, this is a great achievement for her… Earlier in the year she’d get dropped off the back of the paddy wagon never to return. Great job Christa!

Nate, on the hunt back to the pack

On the first corner of the race, I watched Nate go into the corner *real* hot and endo-bump over the curb AND was able to keep the rubber down! On his second time around the course, his tire was nearly flat. He ran up the hill and swapped his wheel with someone and got back in the race.

nate 3rd

nate 3rd!

Nate returns and woops up on 3rd! Not sure if Nate’s $5 gift offset blowing up his rim during the race?!

racing for 10th?!

I’m still struggling to get my lungs and legs back from a weird 3 week summer cold… No excuses, I’m stoked to be riding. While most of Hungry sprints for the podium, here I am sprinting for 10th. Christa’s support in this pic is priceless!

Andrew “doc” Suchocki was flying around with the cat 3’s as he normally does. Then I didn’t see him anymore. The next picture explains why.

team hungry water bottle...

water bottle and spokes don't mix

hopefully doc’s signing bonus on grey’s anatomy will more than cover his wheels and zipps for the entire team. thanks doc!


Sam Klontz, from our other favorite Cincinnati Team BSM (Boy Scouts of Michigan) smoking the field!

Once again, Thanks to Jeffrey Jakucyk for the PHOTOS

oh yeh, is anybody really, really excited about cross season? I’m waiting on cross, like a kid waits for Christmas… Very poorly.