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off season shenanigans – Team Hungry Cycling

off season shenanigans

'Reveal the Path' coming to Cincinnati

Don't miss out on this screening... Reveal The Path will premiere in Cincinnati, OH, at the Esquire Theatre, 320 Ludlow Ave., in Cincinnati on Tuesday,...

Cincinnati Iditarod Race Volunteer

community service advocates out helping the iditarod [caption id="attachment_922" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="whistle blowers"][/caption]

Mini Velodrome - Red Bull MiniDrome

i think i could build one of these. anyone have a location?

Indoor Training - Roller Mad Speed

After a rough Midwest winter, your indoor training skills should be top notch by now. You should be able to do intervals near this speed!...

kentucky route 8 west

[caption id="attachment_883" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="rollin' deep..."][/caption] hungry was rolling about 10 deep this sunday... posse was bigger than most beautiful day rides last year. 2011,...

West Side Cold Ride

WOW it was cold this weekend.  Almost too cold to ride.  Almost.  This past week we have been crushed with snow.  I mean crushed for...

Core Strength Training

Are you working on your core strength this winter? Get some of these Jack Lalane fingertip push-ups into your routine. I can't even get my...

Cycle Ball or Psycho Ball

eddy merckx flips the coin?! scrub to 4 minutes for the action. gearing is direct drive... speed, danger and skill!


Now that I'm a real adult and do things like go to my friends' weddings, drink top shelf, well-crafted bourbon, and use a nose hair...