Bond Road OSRS#7

Bond Road OSRS#7

THC boys showed up in force to battle Bond Road. This course had essentially two major challenges: 1st, make it up the steep switchback and drawn out climb, and 2nd, survive the wicked white-knuckle decent to do it all over again. The uphill bit hard, but perhaps the smell of burning brake pads while trying to hold a good line downhill was the most daunting aspect of the race. Chewning, Suchocki, Pardi, Steinker, Cahill, Kemphues, and Puryear all paid to play. Best finishes came from Pardi, 3rd in CAT4, Suchocki, 5th in CAT4, Kemphues, 9th in CAT5, and Zach in CAT5. Here are a few pics.

1, 2, 3s First Time Up

Scott Holding 3rd

Scott and Andrew Bringing it Home

Chewning Attacks Switchback

Alex Enjoying it Too Much, doesn't make sense

Team Signing Autographs After the Show