Blood, Sweat, & Dust – Kings CX Weekend

Blood, Sweat, & Dust – Kings CX Weekend

The Beginning of cross season and the OVCX series hits hard: Two days of back-to-back racing at Kingswood Golf Course in Mason, Ohio. With a more difficult course and significantly more entrants than the prior year, everyone was dancing to the tune of competition.

The Course: It was DRY. I think I am still coughing up dust three days later. The course include several long, sweeping off-camber turns that you could hardly pedal through. The standard set of barriers. One wheel-eating sandpit. And their self-acclaimed sha-zand, a confusing sand pit that looped through a densely wooded section. The course was run in a different direction each day.

There was so much going on this weekend that it is difficult to write about. Here are the weekend Stats:

Three Top Fives

Two Podiums

Eleven Races

Two newbies

8 dust covered grins

Not bad for round one of the OVCX series. Can’t wait for Louisville!