Alison Delgado and Move With Love

Alison Delgado and Move With Love

Alison Delgado 2010 Tour de Louisville Cyclocross

On my morning commute last week I stopped to call Chewning with an idea of creating a benefit t-shirt for Ali to help with $tuff so she could put her mind on more important things… like healing! Micheal got busy chew’n away at some ideas that would be good for the cause and wouldn’t be cheesy. By mid-day he had a great concept to bring awareness to the whole “bike / car” world. Move With Love was hatched that day…

The first round of “Move With Love” shirts are in! They’re available for $20 bucks at some fine local retailers: Campus Cyclery, Fork Heart Knife and Park + Vine. They’ll also be available for $20 online (price includes shipping) as soon as we get paypal and the store setup.

Please remember, all proceeds from the shirt sales will go directly to the Alison Delgado Fund! Even if you don’t buy a shirt, please drop by the Alison fund and give a couple bucks.

Move With Love T-shirt

November 21st, 2010

Pray for Alison. Back in ICU with re-bleed in her head.

November 18th, 2010

Alison is finally out of the hospital! LivingProof!