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Recruitment is a natural evolution. If you are not recruited at a dive bar during a pub roll, then it is through osmosis by hanging out and riding bikes with the team.

Founded over the winter ’08-’09, it is rumored Team Hungry Cycling was formed at the long end of a  night of food, beer, friends, and philosophy. As a reincarnation of the Midwest Flyers, one of  Cincinnati’s longstanding cycle clubs, the new team set forth to shake up local bike racing by putting  friendship first, allow for individual expression of the inner goof, all while training hard for a place in the race. As the name implies, THC riders are hungry to ride -fast, especially in good company -and perhaps more importantly, is the camaraderie that makes the team want hang out together, fire up the barbecue, tell tall tales of the race, and put back some brew.

THC members are a diverse group, in personality, age, ability, and backgrounds. They are climbers, mashers, and sprinters. Each member brings something to the team experience (home brew is the most respected offering, though a strong leadout in a race is handy, too). But all share the love of riding bikes fast and for fun, and with friends. Still, they are a competitive bunch -willing to dig deep in order put down the hurt on competitors -but they are also cooperative and supportive. Racers train hard to race hard, take chances, but race fair and are willing to do the work. Members challenge themselves, challenge each other, and challenge the peloton.

All said, THC members are happiest turnin’ pedals on the open road, blasting through the switchbacks in the woods, or remounting after barriers; and second happiest refueling and hydrating with a cold one while talking about who had the best moves, or the days’ epic battles. Look for THC riders on an urban hill near you, out pacing on the open country rollers, tearing up rock and root in the woods, in the breakaway, and on the podium.