2011 St Leons Road Race…

2011 St Leons Road Race…

this is what i know, all of it. chewning couldn’t go for 3 victories in a row because he got sick this week… get well slumberjack!
zach was in the cat 4 breakaway and said his sprint attack went out a little too early and he died before crossing the line. he got sucked back into 8th place. top 10 zach!

anne felt really strong, but is being plagued by a tight/sore back and hip stuff. she started cramping up and feeling like she was swimming in molasses going up the last hill of the women 1/2/3. she said the grrls she normally hangs with just rode away from her as she limped into the home stretch. luckily at the MOBO event she won a visit to an accupuncturist and masseus!

hardball finished in the teens. best  road race placement this year! much better than last week when he threw up on lap three trying to inhale a cliff bar.

doc flatted… he sure looked good with those random arm-warmers. they’re probably virgin silk $800 rapha warmers, but i know not of these things.

congrats to all. hope to see you guys and gals at the next race!