2011 Sponsor Line-Up

2011 Sponsor Line-Up

Wow! Feeling totally overwhelmed about the generosity of this year’s sponsors coming through for Team Hungry. I’m really feelin’ the love here!

Our sponsors are what keep us going, and thanks to all of them, we can keep biking on our merry way! These companies are supporting Cincinnati cycling, and we think they need some support in return.

Campus Cyclery: Our favorite Bike shop. Duh! These guys have been with us since the beginning and have been an amazing support to the team. Go there. Get your bike all fixed up and pretty like.

Cincy Bike Rentals: Want to travel to Cincinnati to test your skills against Hungry? Don’t want to bring your bike? Cincy bike rentals has your (and our) back!

Park+Vine: Another sponsor veteran! Returning with us for year 3, this business does everything it can for the local bike scene. Whether it’s riding recreationally or racing, Park+Vine is all about biking! Give them some love and feel inspired to go out and pedal!

The Comet: Best Beers. Best Bluegrass. Best Burritos. It only makes sense that the Comet sponsors the best bike team in the city.

Dubwerx: Year two of sponsorship. Most of us love our bikes, but know nothing about fixing our cars. Dubwerx has got us covered. This is simply the best place to go for that sexy VW or Audi repair.

forkheartknife: This is the fuel of Team Hungry. Better food = Better racers. Good luck beating our food ;)

Primax Studio: Host of this site and employer of Dad Hands! Have him dress up your website so that it can look as good as ours!

Volvo of Cincinnati: Large and in charge.

Thanks everyone! We are ready to rock it!