2011 OSRS#1 Deer Creek – Anne’s Perspective

2011 OSRS#1 Deer Creek – Anne’s Perspective

LesbiAnne shares her first 1/2/3 race….

anne on the right digging

In the pic I’m coming up from back on the right.  I blew past half that pack and knocked off Tierra Kier (powerful Dayton chic) at the line by about 1- 2 inches.  It was so close that I had to dispute the results. The race offficial pulled the video up on the laptop.  While it was insanely close, it was clear that I literally nipped her.   He changed the results and so I finished 9th overall for cat 1,2,3 women.  That doesn’t sound too impressive but this group of 1,2,3 are crazy good.

Rest of race report is as follows.  First lap shifted between hard efforts and stupid slow soft pedaling games.  Three girls got away and Dayton controlled rest of main field so no one chased.  Then another major break at beginning of lap two.  My weakness is getting pushed towards the back and so I could bridge with that group.  I worked with 3 other girls (including Blair) for probably twenty miles.  We took short 20-30 sec pulls and the field was always in view.  I knew we had a chance to catch them but it was not going to be easy.  At 5 miles out one of the women in our group broke away and I bridged up with her. She and I worked together until 1.5 miles out.  I could see we were closing in; within striking distance.  I told her that if we were going to go it had to be now or never.  I let her take a real short pull and then I just exploded up there and then quietly jumped in the back.  One girl just looked at me very confused and said, “did you just bridge up here”.  I smirked and just nodded with a total game face on.  It was time to sprint this thing out.  Soft pedal for 1 mile.  Then, the all out sprint at 200 meters–that pic is probably 100 meters out.

2011 OSRS #1 Anne + Blair