Weekend Fun!

This weekend we were luck to have unseasonably warm weather with the highs in the 60s both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was finally a time to get the Hungry* road guys together for a very solid ride.  We set off in Kentucky for a 90 mile ride to butler with relentless hills and even more attacks! The ride proved to be very hard and is just what I wanted.   Some people worry about going too hard this time of year but i never see anything wrong with an occasional hammer fest even if during the winter.

Sunday was supposed to rain but overnight the chance of rain disappeared. So Jamie and I joined the whole Hungry* crew for an awesome ride.  This ride turned out to be great after the hard 90 miles of Saturday.  Lots of great company made the miles fly by and its always great to get in a bigger group ride.

The Butler market stop and the ride with a million small hills




Sundays ride with the whole hungry crew

Lactate Threshold Day on Campus

Every couple months the guys at the UC cycling club host a fundraising day where clients pay only $50 for lactate threshold test. Being a a recent grad I still know how to administer a test so I volunteered to help out on the day.  Administering a blood lactate test is no easy task. Getting a non sweat diluted blood sample from a rider that is redlining it every 3min is no easy task, and there is no room for error once the ride starts. Its a busy and stressful day and I tried to ride the trainer after but could feel how tired my legs were from standing all day so decided to take it easy and just do my harder ride on Sunday. Anyone interested in a test should contact Bruce Jayne (bruce.jayne@uc.edu), or just enjoy a time laps of the day.


My LT Test Day(s)

The last two days have been evaluation. First day was doing a basic power test by doing two 8 min all out intervals with 10 min in between.  This is what my coach standard test then he plugs it into his formula to calculate zones.  The down side about these is you got to get pumped up to pound these intervals. Im generally pumped to do these to prove to myself that I have got stronger.  I was able to match my previous best by doing 400w for the first one and 395w for the second.  I was pretty pumped about this and set me up well for todays blood lactate test on UC campus.

The blood lactate procedure is pretty easy start 100w, every 3min increase 20w and ride till you cant.  They will take blood samples every 3 min and record lactate content.  I have been doing these test for years, and today was the first time I was able to complete the 400w step, however my actual LT was not as high as the past. Will shoot for the 420w step next time to set the record. Tomorrow morning Ill be going in to help the UC club do LT test on outside clients for fundraising, but for now check out the time-laps of the test.


Power data from the two different test and LT measurements and results

Training Inside

Living in Cincinnati forces all but the insane to ride inside for a couple month of the year.  Lots of people hate this but I am glad to have winter.  Being forced to ride inside has the benefit of very focused training but more importantly for me it helps reset my motivation when spring rolls around so I do not get burn out too early. Luckily Cincinnati winters are not that bad so it possible to get outside on many weekends.  When In school I spent one winter in Wisconsin and was forced on the trainer every day till April.

That being said indoor training can be a drag but I find it much more managble with others, and I often go train on UC campus with the UC team as a way to break up the cycle.  Today’s workout was 5×5 4min rest. I got in before the others to get some extra endurance in but it was great to have the extra group mentality push during the intervals and I ended up get a much better workout than if I had been at home.

On the schedule for this week is field test evaluation day on Thursday.  Blood lactate threshold test on Friday.  Then on Saturday Im helping out the UC team by administering a few LT test during their LT test fund raising day.




Data from today’s ride

First ride of 2017

Today’s weather allouded for the first outside ride of 2017. The surface was wet but it warmed up to mid 50s! I had planned to meet Dustyn for a ride in Kentucky but he ended up not showing up. Luckily I was ran into some other local riders and we ended up going into Kentucky for aboit 3 hours. I wanted to get a bit of a better workout in but having the company was nice and allows me to still get tomorrows intervals in. Now that it’s 2017 goals are set and training is on full gas. Very excited about the year ahead and what this team has in store.

No rain but foggy and wet surface.

Longest Day Fundraiser: WAY TO GO TEAM HUNGRY!

jeff-longest-day-everCongratulations, Team Hungry!

Because of you all, we raised almost $1200 yesterday!

More than 15 team members + family members participated in riding our bikes all day on the Longest day of the year, raising support and awareness for the 15 million family member caregivers in the US who battle this terrible disease not just on the longest day of the year, but every day.

At our local chapter board meeting this am, I learned our Team was one of 62 teams in the area who raised over $30K, all of which supports the essential social work support services of the Alzheimers Association.

This event is important to me personally, and to many of you who have been touched by Alzheimers. Thank you. Events like this also help support our Team mission (as a nonprofit organization) and our sponsors (bringing increased visibility) Next year, look for a more organized effort, more ways to get involved (biking), and a bigger party afterwards (although those who could attend enjoyed some choice Rhinegeist including the limited edition Fluxion Belgian Extra Pale Ale.)


Thanks for being such a wonderfully awesome group of people.

With Love & Gratitude,

Jeff and Liz Schlaudecker


Here are a few highlights:

-Seeing Wild Kingdom level animal activity with Joe early am along the River, before a ‘vegan’ Western Omelet Bagel sandwich

-Riding along Rt 8 with Billy and Glenn as we strongly bumped into Chris Norris (driving his car) presumably chasing Strava segments.

-Reflecting on Liz’s grandmother Mimi’s battle with Alzheimers as we snuck in a late morning ride.

-Having lunch and getting dry shorts While Ben Dawson rode over noon (thanks Ben!)

-Getting passed by an aggressive driver, only to see that driver later (unhurt) but involved in an accident with a utility truck he unwisely passed.

-Hearing about some of Danny’s experiences with Alzheimer’s patients as a nurse and the touching impact on his life they made, despite of their memory problems.

-UDF Soft Serve

-My 4 year Ben old biking in circles on the driveway from 1-2pm because he wanted to do his part

-Cooper flatting on her commute home, but still making it up Devou

-Stierwalt shepherding Lionhearts on a 25 mile summer evening ride!

-Beers with Schulzes, Hopgoods, Joe, Billy, Liz and my kids on the deck in the rain

-Thanks everyone!

What to do when you’re in a bike accident…

Unfortunately, the day might come when you’re hit by a car while riding your bike.

Here’s some things to do if you’re in a bike accident:

1) Document everything while it is still fresh in your mind. Take photographs of bike, injuries, crash scene. Get witness accounts in writing. Write down everything you remember. Save clothes, helmet, bike parts – even if they are trashed.

2) Get a copy of the police report.

3) Do not admit to any fault – even if you’re unsure.

4) Do not settle with the driver’s insurance company. They will want to do so quickly. A case rep will call you and ask about your injuries, damages, etc. Do not offer information. They work for the driver, not you. You have 2 years to settle or file suit. There is no rush. You do not yet know the extent of your injuries and their long term effects. The insurance company will be calling you in the next 36 hours.  DO NOT talk to them.  Their entire job is to mitigate payment and close the case as quickly as possible.  Just politely tell them you are still evaluating your options and that they will here from you or a representative of you in the future.  

5) Contact an Attorney. A consultation is usually free. You generally will note have to pay anything out of pocket for an attorney in this type of incident.

  • Steve Magas (Ohio Bike Lawyer)  (513)444-2199
  • Michael F Gehrig  (513) 421-9010
  • Bill Dunning in Lebanon.  (513) 932-2871

6) Try to follow the traffic case as it progresses.  If the guy just pays the ticket great.  If it gets set for trial try to find and contact the prosecutor, and let him/her know that you are the victim, that you were injured, and that you suffered property loss.  Traffic cases are often dismissed or pleaded down which could affect a future civil case.  

7)  Depending on your car insurance company, your car policy might cover any expenses that the defendant’s insurance doesn’t cover.

8) It can definitely take time for other injuries to appear. I (team member) had an accident a few years ago, where a dog off leash took me down. I didn’t file a claim. 4 months later I woke up with a very stiff neck. It took me about a month to connect it back to the cycling accident, because I felt fine after all the visible injuries healed. Turns out I had a whiplash injury, 3 herniated discs in my cervical spine and I ended up in traction and off the bike for 6 months. It was a slow recovery and 3 years later, I’m riding, feel competitive on the bike, but still have neck pain. Stay in tune with how you feel and don’t dismiss the pain if it shows up 6 months from now

 Thanks to Hungry Riders: John Gatch, Eric Buchakjian, Tim Delgado and Team Members for help in creating this content!


Cleves 2014 Team Times

Cleves has had 1810 riders that have ridden the course since 1974!

Cleves is starting up in May. It runs every Tuesday until the end of September. I’m definitely going to be riding a few Cleves TTs this year.

You have to pay for a QCW membership in advance to race the TTs. This gives you access to all TTs and other QCW things throughout the year. Register online at the link below.

QCW – Cleves: http://www.qcw.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7&Itemid=9

Cleves Team Records – 


21:38 Paul Liebonrood held the record from 1991 to 2008! This is still the 7th Fastest Time ever!

22:56 Corey Green 2009. 41st Fastest Time

23:57 Glenn Wolf 1986 – 133rd Fastest Time. Glenn ‘claims’ he can roll a 23 minute Cleves TT pretty much any day…

24:19 Scott Pardi 2009

24:28 Nate Allen 2013

24:51 Michael Chewning 2009 on a fixed gear

24:52 James O’Loughlin 2010

25:12 Sean Cooney 2011

26:09 Mark Hooton 2009

26:27 Micheal Starr 2009

26:29 Chris Norris 2016

26:48 Billy Craig 2012

27:07 Jamie Williamson 2012

27:20 Kerry Nordstrom 2008

28:15 Matt Harbaugh 2012-  touring bike with panniers

28:16 Jeff Schlaudecker 2011


25:49 Melissa Rucker 2010

26:44 Anne McDonald 2010

28:31 Blair Barter 2009

29:04 Alison Delgado 2010

33:31 Liz Schlaudecker 2011


Other stuff

20:50 Paul Liebenrod and Kent Frazier hold the Tandem record since 1981!

22:41 Bob Shoettinger and Melissa Rucker Tandem record 2007!

25:28 Lesbianne and James have the one man / one women record set in 2010