THC on the road 2010

Cold rain and snow are no match for Team Hungry. The riders have been out rackin’ up base miles over the last several weekends. Old dogs have met the new cats and spirits are high despite the winter temps. Here are a couple snaps from last weekend’s outing 2/21/10. In attendance: MC Chewy, Scootcycle, K-Train., T-Boy McKenna, Lexus, and E Town. We covered 50+ miles in the rolling bosom of beautiful Kentucky.
We meet at UPS in downtown.

On the road we met two RGF riders, Ryan G. and Rolf from Louisville. Rolf led a ripping pace line out rt8E at 27mph for extended pulls. We had to hold on in the draft til we made it out to the country turnoff. Here is MC and the RGF guys rolling through excellent scenery and great fast terrain. There would be more photos, but the pace these guys drove required two hands on the bars… More to come as we get ready for the Spring Series road races beginning at the end March.
Farmscapes in Ky make the hills worth it.