life in pittsburgh

Life in Pittsburgh has been a slight adjustment. Yins is apparently a word, fries go on everything, and of course grad school is eating into precious cycling time. I did manage to get out this past weekend for an alleycat on Saturday and a cross race Sunday. A couple of fellow first years saw me Saturday on my tall bike, and were shocked that such a thing exists.

Sunday was the real fun though. In an old quarry dump just south of the largest city park I’ve known some people threw a cross/mountain race and couldn’t have picked a better day. Blue skies and perfect weather hide the mud pits, steep woodsy downhills, and 85% gravel runups.

Also unseen are the kids running around on 4-wheelers at the last laps and the ladies walking their dog in the middle of the course. I also took a pretty good spill on a gravel hill. I finished the race but was forced to call Mary Kate to haul me home. Can’t wait to get some real riding in though, race season here starts in a couple weeks.
Stay Hungry,