Community Outreach*

Team Hungry is all about tearing up the course and heckling people, but we do care about people too! One of our goals is to promote bicycle safety and awareness, and we hope that our projects will have an awesome impact in our community. The team is dedicated to supporting bike culture and getting involved in the many great causes and communities that make Cincinnati great. Some members are full-time bike commuters, bike shop owners and employees; some are cycling advocates involved in policy, and one badass organizes charity rides for public health and awareness. All think Cincinnati is one of the greatest cities to ride in, through, and around. As such, the team advocates for safe riding conditions and the promotion of cycling for health, environmental, and recreational purposes in the area.

THC has also created a charitable aspect of the team. To be more than individual racers, the team is dedicated to generating awareness and funds toward charitable organizations. For instance, THC kicked off its first charity event in February 2010 by representing as an eight-member team at the Race to Anyplace event, for which the team raised over $1,100 bucks of the $18,000+ for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (see “Results” page). One of our sponsors is the amazing Ride For World Health organization (see sponsors page). With the goal of supporting local and national charities by donating funds and volunteering, the team ultimately wants to organize a charitable event (race) of its own. Stay posted as we grow and find ways to bring this idea into reality.