I hope we are this cool one day.

I stole this from another blog, again. Apparently we are all “cycle hotties.”

jackie k

Jackie K. is very cool. I stole this image from her blog.

We had an exciting weekend: Goldsprints with the mayor, Scott Pardi’s B-day, Tim’s debut outside, and some lifting. The Mark Mallory thing was pretty amazing, we’ll have a report soon…

monday night

Some call it the Monday night ride. Others call it Cincy Mayhem. And some people would just call it stupid. Either way, we’re rolling every Monday at 10pm from Garfield park downtown.

The idea: ride bikes really effing fast, then drink a bit (or alot, whatever your fancy). For the last 18 months, we have been doing this ride, and surprisingly, the event draws pretty decent crowds considering the timing of it. All types of bikes show up – road, cross, fixed, hybrid and even the occasional mountain bike. It doesn’t matter what you’re riding because the rider is responsible for his or herself. If you can’t keep up, you can head to the bar.

The ride this week was great. We had temperatures in the upper 50’s, a pretty strong group of riders, and a few good hills on our side. Everything seemed in its place as we climbed, Glenway, Sheed/West Fork, Ludlow and some other hill I can’t remember the name of. The weather even made the West Side drivers a little more friendly. Did anything even get thrown at us?

I’m looking forward to more nice nights like this.

cin city sprints “goldsprints”

One of the reasons the members of Team Hungry are so damn good at riding bikes is because we know how to have fun and let others in on it! This past Friday, January 23rd, the unofficial Team Hungry event better known as Cincinnati Goldsprints, aka CincySprints!, was held at Grammers on Liberty at Walnut. Why was it unofficial? Well because the people who, about a year ago, started spending their own time, money and brain power putting the system together just so happened to join Team Hungry later in the year and bring their baggage along with them. Just our luck!

The night consisted of a diverse gathering of roadies, single trackers, cycloX-r’s to commuters, fixed gear hipsters, general bicycle enthusiasts, pedestrians and according to some of the READERS of the Two Johns Podcast, “poseurs.” It was a smooth operation with highlights including beer races (see left, Ben can chug!), female only races (see below) and an underwear race, for a wheel set (also see below, if you dare).

The CincySprints! crew can’t wait to put the event on next month. In the meantime you can find additional photos and the results posted on Facebook and Myspace. Stay tuned, we will let you know the exact date of the next installment of CincySprints!

p.s. To reinforce the previous post, you better get used to seeing this at the front of the pack…