promotion cross lexington ky 2010

It was a warm November day for Lexington Cross… Even warmer were Doc, Stinker, Party and Hairball’s guts after a night of good ol Kentucky Bourbon. I almost got a buz smelling Stinker’s early morning breath. O.k., it wasn’t that bad. But some of the aforementioned struggled to get moving. The late November temp was pushing towards 70. Gotta love climate change.

Before I got to the race everyone was telling me how the course was “flat.” Well, that flat course kicked my sorry ass. Lots of off-camber hold on tight turns with mega-watt requiring hill bursts… huh?!

On to the action:

Cat 4’s heated it up with Jamie, Harbaugh, Doc and James. Doc took second for Cat 4’s overall!

2nd overall Cat 4 - 3 is the new 2

Jamie working the tape

Stinker Blowin' KY Bourbon like a Job

James O - 6th or 22nd for Old Man Cat 4

I had to get back early so I missed the 3’s and 1/2/3 Elite Action. Apparently Pardi Took Cat 3 – 35+ age group and 2nd overall in the 3’s. Way to charge Pardi! Especially when you start about 40-50 back in old man’s land

pardi for the win - cat 3 35+

Michael ‘Lumber Jack’ Chewning says he had a rough time gettin’ rad in the 1/2/3’s and almost got into the top ten with an 11th-ish…

Lumber Jack

*All results unofficial and unreliable…

**Thanks to Debbie Baker for all the rad photos!

***Promotion Cross Website for Results and Good Stuff

devou park crit, season finale

It was a hot day. The weatherman said stay inside, drink plenty of liquids and hope to hell your a.c. doesn’t break. Fortunately, the clouds brought some much needed rain in the afternoon and cooled nasti off by about 10 degrees.

christa, void of expression

I got to Devou in time to watch Christa begin and finish her race! Yeh, this is a great achievement for her… Earlier in the year she’d get dropped off the back of the paddy wagon never to return. Great job Christa!

Nate, on the hunt back to the pack

On the first corner of the race, I watched Nate go into the corner *real* hot and endo-bump over the curb AND was able to keep the rubber down! On his second time around the course, his tire was nearly flat. He ran up the hill and swapped his wheel with someone and got back in the race.

nate 3rd

nate 3rd!

Nate returns and woops up on 3rd! Not sure if Nate’s $5 gift offset blowing up his rim during the race?!

racing for 10th?!

I’m still struggling to get my lungs and legs back from a weird 3 week summer cold… No excuses, I’m stoked to be riding. While most of Hungry sprints for the podium, here I am sprinting for 10th. Christa’s support in this pic is priceless!

Andrew “doc” Suchocki was flying around with the cat 3’s as he normally does. Then I didn’t see him anymore. The next picture explains why.

team hungry water bottle...

water bottle and spokes don't mix

hopefully doc’s signing bonus on grey’s anatomy will more than cover his wheels and zipps for the entire team. thanks doc!


Sam Klontz, from our other favorite Cincinnati Team BSM (Boy Scouts of Michigan) smoking the field!

Once again, Thanks to Jeffrey Jakucyk for the PHOTOS

oh yeh, is anybody really, really excited about cross season? I’m waiting on cross, like a kid waits for Christmas… Very poorly.

Southsweats Ohio Masters Road Race

Nobody died as far as of last report, despite the ruthless heat and climby course that made up the Southwest Ohio Master’s road race, held June 20, 2010. Yup, for you yunguns, that’s a race for those 30+ sinewy crusty riders, that took place on a hilly course akin to the Bond Rd course of Spring Series, but a helluva lot hotter! But to put it in perspective, the fastest dudes in Cincinnati are over 30, wait, they’re over 40 years old! Something to look forward too, huh? Well, if you’ve been paying attention, its no surprise the Huntington boys blew the barn doors off with some good ‘ol bait and switch tactics, then one (John Gatch) just plain powered to a solo flight win in the 40-49 group. But as you might be thinking, “Masters race, what the?”, fellow teamsters James O’Laughlin and Christa Zielke showed up to show out.  Christa bailed early after revisiting breakfast on Flick, while James lost two pantsizes and finished well and in good spirits.

James offered the following abbreviated account (I had to clean up a lot of shit for our children readers) :  “I stuck with the lead 40-49 geezer group for 2 times up f Li ck. While charging up Flick for the second I saw Christa on the side. Apparently she was fertilizing and watering the plants with stomach fluids.  The second trip up Flick I was shat out the back like an old man dealing with White Castle. I survived 6 more laps on one of the most brutal circuits I’ve ever experienced.”

Here’s what Christa had to say: “Nerves + unbearable heat + nasty hills = bye bye breakfast! :(”

“But they’re just pussies,” you say. Nope, that race was rough, just the way David Riemenschneider likes it. You had to be tough to survive this race, tougher than the leathery skin on the 50+ riders. I know cause my knee was all salt and sass just from doin’ water handups and making photos on the Flick Rd climb. Anyway, me and Thea ran H2O and I took a few snaps (shot of Christa comes from Jeffrey Jakucyk and exploited by David R. for our endless enjoyment), check it out.

What, you don't stretch after a race? Christa does.

Christa during upright portion of race.

James nearing top of Flick, nice smooth stroke, too.

I talked with Mr. Ed about hill climbing tactics, but he's a doper so I disregarded everything he said.

View from the race course. Unlikely any racers looked.

Word has it that Huntington uses motor assist on their bikes, but while there's no reason not to believe that, the button on the handlebars more likely releases a Carbocaffeine suppository from within the saddle.

Tour of Red River Gorge Road Race June 2010

The TRRG is a three day Omnium ( cumulative points race) held yearly in and around the beautiful and challenging Red River Gorge in Kentucky. This year, the Saturday road race served as Kentucky’s CAT4/5 state championship race. THC represented as Andrew Suchocki, Alex Steinker, and Zach Cahill to race Saturday’s CAT4/5 road race, Brendan Kiefer racing Saturday CAT3, Zach Cahill racing Sunday’s CAT4/5, and Scott Pardi on the injured list offering support, drunken slurs, and coffee bumps. The boys reported an amazing course(s) with excellent race organization and course support.

The highlight of the weekend goes to Andrew Suchocki who, in top form, toasted the front group by riding away from the bunch sprint!! Andrew has been on fire since St. Leon, racking up points in the Ault Park Crit Series, and this powerful finish in the Kentucky State Championship race shows it. Check out the photos showing him pulling away from the field for the last few hundred meters.

Hats off to Zach Cahill for finishing well on Saturday’s hilly course and then going back for a heavy dose of the Red River Gorge Battle on the Byway epic stage. Much fun was had by all. Scott and Alex set the tone on the Sky Bridge climb on Sunday, cheering on the winded racers, while wearing only bibs and  our new THC arm warmers. This race is so well run, and the course is awesome; next year expect alot more Hungry color in the peloton and on the sidelines. Enough talk, check some photos…

Suchocki Powers Off Front In Sprint

Suchocki Holds Em Off

Suchocki Wins Definitively

Alex, Before the Hills

Brendan in the Pack

4/5's head out

Nada Tunnel, Sunday's Entrance to the Climbs

Inside Nada Tunnel - Lit for the Race Only

4/5 race climbing through "The Red"

Zach in the lead group 4/5 race at Sky Bridge Climb

Passing riders headed to Sky Bridge Switchback

Keep Going!! At Sky Bridge Area of Climb

Alex and Scott reppin' THC in bibs and arm warmers

Zach makin' flap jacks, Scott grinding coffee

Andrew's Rocket Fuel Fit for Team HUNGRY!!

St. Leon – Series Finale OSRS#8

The Spring Road Race Series ended with the epic St. Leon course near Brookville, Indiana. Alex, Zach, Scott, Andrew, Nathan Kemphues, and new member Brendan Keifer (CAT3), were Hungry for action (but ended up very thirsty for water). The day was hot, the course was an 18 mile loop, country roller coaster, featuring a Paris-Roubaix sandy, wooded, wet, knarly climb, lots of rollers, wind, rough pavement, fast twisty decent, and a false flat finish. The 5’s did two laps, the 4’s did three, and the 1,2,3’s roughed it for 4 laps. The race was very challenging, but THC vet, Andrew Suchocki layed waste to any challengers for the sprint in the CAT4 race. Drews acceleration up the last set of hills before the finish broke the break group of ten including a shredded Scotty P who scraped in to 8th. Congrats to rookie Nate Kemphues who gave a solid challenge to finish 4th in the CAT5 race, HOOT HOOT!! Here are some snaps…

That is Suchocki Destroying the Break Before the Line

This is How to Finish a Race

The Nate Train Going into Last Lap

Alex Cruisin Euro Style

Zach is Done for the Day

Scott Finished, Quite Finished

Bond Road OSRS#7

THC boys showed up in force to battle Bond Road. This course had essentially two major challenges: 1st, make it up the steep switchback and drawn out climb, and 2nd, survive the wicked white-knuckle decent to do it all over again. The uphill bit hard, but perhaps the smell of burning brake pads while trying to hold a good line downhill was the most daunting aspect of the race. Chewning, Suchocki, Pardi, Steinker, Cahill, Kemphues, and Puryear all paid to play. Best finishes came from Pardi, 3rd in CAT4, Suchocki, 5th in CAT4, Kemphues, 9th in CAT5, and Zach in CAT5. Here are a few pics.

1, 2, 3s First Time Up

Scott Holding 3rd

Scott and Andrew Bringing it Home

Chewning Attacks Switchback

Alex Enjoying it Too Much, doesn't make sense

Team Signing Autographs After the Show

Georgetown OSRS #6

Only two brave THC boys made it to the washout race east of Cincinnati. Zach and Alex, both first year rookies, had guts and determination to race in heavy rain on this mostly flat, fast course. Early on, Zach hit the deck because of slick conditions, while Alex held strong and stayed upright to finish 10th. Sorry no photos, not even the photographers were up for the weather.

Ault Park #2

Second race in a series of five this week. This week the B squad raced against the weather radar. Black clouds, thunder and lightning came rolling in only seconds after the final sprint of the race. We had enough time to find shelter, but the A race was cancelled unfortunately.

The boys who raced did great as always. Andrew racked up enough points for second for the day!

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