sdenek stybar catching air

Cyclocross UCI3 Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival

UCI3 Cincy3 Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival will bill be here in less than 2 weeks! Get ready, get rad, get stoked! Top pros will be in town raging through our local CX courses in Covington KY, Middletown and Fairfield OH.

sdenek stybar catching air

Sdenek Stybar Rad Air Power

This pic of Stybar just makes me want to go out and get rad. So much power!

Hungarians have been out representing at all of the OVCX race series… The racing is intense and the fields are bigger than ever. Although none of us have been on the podium, we’ve had really great results. Chewning’s been top 20 most Elite Races, Jamie and Billy have broken into the top 10 for Cat 4 35+Races. Tall Tom, Medium Tom and Starr have been battling it out against each other for Cat 4 top 20 finishes. James has had two top 5 finishes in Cat 3 35+. Hardball has been layin’ it down with a few top 10 spots in Cat 3. Hardball has made it to every OVCX race and is in 3rd place overall!!! Stinky is gettin’ rad on SS racing and I think has a 4th place finish in there. I believe Blair has gotten her share of top 10’s. Unfortunately, powerhouse Pardi has been out all season with his naggin’ knee and Lesbi-Anne has a new cross bike but is still out from her broken collarbone from the Mainstrasse Crit.


2011 St Leons Road Race…

this is what i know, all of it. chewning couldn’t go for 3 victories in a row because he got sick this week… get well slumberjack!
zach was in the cat 4 breakaway and said his sprint attack went out a little too early and he died before crossing the line. he got sucked back into 8th place. top 10 zach!

anne felt really strong, but is being plagued by a tight/sore back and hip stuff. she started cramping up and feeling like she was swimming in molasses going up the last hill of the women 1/2/3. she said the grrls she normally hangs with just rode away from her as she limped into the home stretch. luckily at the MOBO event she won a visit to an accupuncturist and masseus!

hardball finished in the teens. best  road race placement this year! much better than last week when he threw up on lap three trying to inhale a cliff bar.

doc flatted… he sure looked good with those random arm-warmers. they’re probably virgin silk $800 rapha warmers, but i know not of these things.

congrats to all. hope to see you guys and gals at the next race!

2011 OSRS#1 Deer Creek – Anne’s Perspective

LesbiAnne shares her first 1/2/3 race….

anne on the right digging

In the pic I’m coming up from back on the right.  I blew past half that pack and knocked off Tierra Kier (powerful Dayton chic) at the line by about 1- 2 inches.  It was so close that I had to dispute the results. The race offficial pulled the video up on the laptop.  While it was insanely close, it was clear that I literally nipped her.   He changed the results and so I finished 9th overall for cat 1,2,3 women.  That doesn’t sound too impressive but this group of 1,2,3 are crazy good.

Rest of race report is as follows.  First lap shifted between hard efforts and stupid slow soft pedaling games.  Three girls got away and Dayton controlled rest of main field so no one chased.  Then another major break at beginning of lap two.  My weakness is getting pushed towards the back and so I could bridge with that group.  I worked with 3 other girls (including Blair) for probably twenty miles.  We took short 20-30 sec pulls and the field was always in view.  I knew we had a chance to catch them but it was not going to be easy.  At 5 miles out one of the women in our group broke away and I bridged up with her. She and I worked together until 1.5 miles out.  I could see we were closing in; within striking distance.  I told her that if we were going to go it had to be now or never.  I let her take a real short pull and then I just exploded up there and then quietly jumped in the back.  One girl just looked at me very confused and said, “did you just bridge up here”.  I smirked and just nodded with a total game face on.  It was time to sprint this thing out.  Soft pedal for 1 mile.  Then, the all out sprint at 200 meters–that pic is probably 100 meters out.

2011 OSRS #1 Anne + Blair

OSRS #1 Deer Creek


Awesome first race for the hungry men’s and women’s squads.  Anne and Blair both had an excellent showing in the women’s 123.  Definitely going to be on the podium regularly.  The Cat 5 men’s field was dominated early on with a 2 man break.  Adam settled on finishing with the bunch.  Nice work!  The Cat 4 race was a strange race.. many failed break attempts lead to a tired bunch and a the group finally got away on lap 2.  Zach, Matt, and myself remained silent in the rest of the bunch just trying to stay up right through the end.  I’m just happy I finished with the group!  The Cat 3 race sounded brutal from the words of Scott, MC, and Andrew.  Andrew got away with 2 others on the last hill and that group stay away until the finish.  It was really close between the break and the bunch.  Andrew Ended up at 3rd, MC took an 11th place spot, and Scott was tucked in the group somewhere.  Official results to come soon.  All in all it was a great day.  Hungry is definitely going to name associated with fear and pain this year!

edit: james vote for pic of the day



Harbin Park Winter MTB Time Trial Series

While half of the team was off at UC testing their lactating thresholds (only 1 girl went, not sure why the guys went), Jamie and I (James) went out to Harbin park today for a warm winter TT race thing – Harbin Park Riding Dirty TT Series. The weather gurus predicted we’d see temps in the high 30’s today. With a fresh pack of snow on the ground, we were hoping it would stay cold enough to not turn the park into a mud fest.

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NYE CX PIE (New Years Eve Cyclocross Pie Recycled Tape)

Pretty much everyone had hung up their CX bikes for the season about a month ago. Then, those wiseguys at QCW thought they’d give us one more punch to the stomach, leg, shoulder, etc… Some of us suckers had our arms bent and twisted to get out to Kingswood for some mud slinging in near 60 degree December 31 weather!

Category C:
Jamie was holding 2nd place for 95% of the race. Not sure Jamie ever had a chance for 1st against a CAT 2 rider in his first CX race. In all fairness, the CAT 2 rider got his first cross bike 2 weeks before the race. Jamie hammered out strong laps until the last creek crossing / bunny hop over the handlebar excursion. He regained composure only to find his brakes were locked up. He managed to bring home a respectable 4th considering.

Anne and Blair showed up to represent all the ladies in the house. This was Anne’s first CX race and she finished in a promising 2nd place while racing her mid-90’s steel mountain bike, which somehow has similar geometry to a modern CX bike. Apparently Blair won the “Biff of the Day” award! Not sure were Blair ended at the end of the race.

Category B:
James, Ben (still flying THC colors), Matt and Scott were in the B race. I think Ben hooked up a 2nd place overall with pure mud sliding skills and James won a bag of donuts for the first lap prime. James was trying to avoid a “downed rider” and bunny hop the creek only to TACO his rim on the other side. Taco’s are much better with salsa and guacomole. James kicked his rim into shape and rode for a while without back brakes. The tire eventually popped, he grabbed a replacement and somehow kept out of DFL. Scott had something up his sleeves and looked like he was out for a cruise to FHK. I believe Hardball / Hairball had a top ten finish on the day as well. He has some helmet cam footage I hope he shares with the interwebs.

Category A:
CX thoroughbred mudders Chewning, Ben, Matt, Scott and Alex were all ready to terrorize the “A” race with a fury of hungry*
Chewning went out solid and strong with Scott pushing him around the fun track. I had to leave early but I do know Chewning (slumberjack) grabbed a podium spot with a solid 2nd behind Ryan Gamm. Slumberjack says he’s never beat Ryan. Well son, this is your year to get one on him! Pardi was definitely pre-race’n the course with the “B” crowd and ended up just off of the podium with a 4th! The only other result I know is that Stinker got lapped while riding a borrowed bike and wearing borrowed shoes. I would’ve liked to hear that he grabbed a top 5 while on a borrowed road bike with down tube shifters and cages. sadly, that’s not the case.

What a great muddy time!

Again thanks to QCW Lionhearts for organizing this race. The Lionhearts are creating a slew of fast racers that have no plans on watching your rear wheel for too long!



this hurts


lesbianne out for a cruise

old man hubbard

kentucky j

bionic b

big ben hay

still hhhhurts...

pardi train

Cyclocross Year-end Wrap-up

Team Hungry was well represented throughout the 2010 regional cyclocross scene. Thirteen team members, some veterans and some newly joined, raced more than 85 races combined, making it to the podium thirteen times.  The main focus was the increasingly popular Ohio Valley Cyclocross series (OVCX), consisting of fifteen races from mid-September through early December, including the epic three-day UCI3 Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival, three state championship races, and two days of the USGP.  The team also dabbled in the Cap City Cross series out of Columbus, and two members even made a special appearance at the last two USGP races in Portland, OR.

We all know what CX is about, riding the orange-red heart rate train of pain for 45-60 minutes, making friends and rivals, laughing, heckling, beer, falling, getting back up, mechanicals, and most of all -fun. But it also includes a lot of travel. Long days were made out of racing in Louisville, Indianapolis, Lexington, Cincinnati, Yellow Springs, and Columbus. A summer draught made its mark on the first two-thirds of the season making for fast, dry, hot racing eventually referred to as  “dirt crits.” By December, at great relief to racers and spectators alike, venues changed over from “dust bowls” to the wet, cold mud and ice fests CX is known for. All said, it was worth it, we all made it out alive, no busted bodies that can’t be healed, no beat down bikes that can’t be repaired (except for one cracked frame).  Team Hungry members put a lot of effort into racing hard and fast -we race hungry every time. We challenged ourselves and others, made more friends, and got to have a blast in one of cycling’s most open and exciting disciplines.  A special thanks goes out to the organizers, sponsors, fans, and supporters that make cyclocross so much fun, cheers! Following are attendance and result highlights from races attended.

Kings CX Weekend: Season Opener and OVCX#1

The first races of the season were dry, dusty, and fast – characteristics that would not change for nearly two months. Michael C, Kerry N, Eric P, Jamie W, and Zach C tested the new skinsuits on day one. Michael snagged 2nd place in the Cat3’s, while Kerry took 3rd in the single speed category. In the Cat4’s , Jamie got 9th (still in QCW colors), while Zach plowed for 5th in his first ever cx race. Day two was the first of the OVCX series. Michael was labeled “sandbagger” overnight by the masked man behind the Ohio Sandbagger blog curtain. No matter, Michael was hungry, knew he had the legs, and began his non-stop campaign in the Elite123 category taking 16th. Alex S, Scott P, Kerry, Eric, Zach, Jamie, Michael S, and Matt H all raced their hearts out and tried to minimize the damage to inside 30 places.

OVCX#2 – Tour de Louisville – Louisville, KY

Alison D, Michael, Alex, Scott, Kerry, Zach, Matt, and Andrew S all threw down on this hilly hard race. Lots of off-camber turns, ruts, one climb, not a flat meter anywhere.  It may have been early in the season, but people were racing all-out. A couple of us hit the deck, but no problems overall. Best race of the day was from Ali B, rocking to 3rd place in the Women’s Cat3/4 race.  Andrew had a great first cx race, carrying his bike over the barriers like it was a full baby diaper, but using his pure power to take 12th in the Cat4’s.

OVCX#3 – UCI3 Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival – Devou Park, Covington, KY

Day one of the pro-level cyclocross festival was held at the epic amphitheater bowl course in Devou Park. Mad ruts, dusty, fast, off camber and suited for mountain biking, as Kona’s Ryan Trebon proved in the Men’s Elite race. Team Hungry represented with Michael C, Alex, Kerry, Eric, James O, Jamie, Christa Z, Matt, and Andrew.  Men’s fields were packet 100+ with racers from all over the region, so Micheal’s 8th place in the Cat2/3 race, James’ 5th place in the Cat4 35+ race, Andrew’s 8th place in the Cat4’s and Matt, Jamie, and Eric all making inside 20 places in the 4’s made the team proud.

OVCX#4 – UCI3 Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival – Sunset Park, Middletown, OH

Day two of the UCI weekend was in the relatively flat, but highly technical Sunset Park in Middletown, Ohio. Huge fields and huge dust clouds along with tree roots and fast racing mark this race. Michael C, Zach, Kerry, James, Jamie, and Matt took it all on. Michael had another strong day in the 2/3’s with a 15th place, and Matt went big in the 4’s by getting 11th place. The big news of the day came from James’ 1st place, by laying down a dominating ride in the Cat4 35+ race.

OVCX#5 – UCI3 Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival – Harbin Park, Fairfield, OH

Day three, huge fields, sun, big, fast, rolling, and diverse course, lots of spectators, two big power sucking sand pits: hard, exciting racing. Team Hungry set up camp on the hillside next to the course to offer up some motivational speech to teammates and other racers. Michael, Kerry, Alex, Zach, Scott, James, and Matt showed up to the bike fight. Biggest fields yet and Michael delivered another impressive ride for 16th in the Cat2/3’s, Scott busted a dusty lung for 7th in the Cat3 35+ race, Alex raced strong to 11th in the Cat4’s, Zach and Matt each made the top twenty in the 4’s and the hard reality of a rolled tubular shuffled James from lead spot to an honorable 21st in the Cat4 35+ race.

OVCX#6 – Bloomingcross – Bloomington, IN

The Ohio Valley Cyclocross series made its way west to Bloomington, Indiana hot off the heals of the UCI3 Cyclocross weekend. Form was starting to take place in the cx peloton and series points hunters were down to business. Matt and Andrew lined up for battle. Matt took a healthy 19th place while Andrew chased the top ten for a nice 12th place spot in the Cat4’s.

Cap City Cross #1 – Columbus, OH

While Matt and Andrew threw down in Indiana, Michael, Kerry, Scott, and Alex decided to make the shorter trip to Dublin, Ohio and race the first of the Cap City Cross series races. Needless to say, the hard competition south prepared us handily for this flatland grass crit. Team Hungry went out with all guns blazing, stealing four podium spots. Kerry took 2nd place in Single Speed (and 9th in Cat3’s), Michael snatched 3rd in the Elite123 race, Scott railed it for 1st place in the Cat3 race, and Alex schooled the Cat4’s for 1st place. Bam, bam, bam, and bam!

OVCX#8 – Derby City Cup#2, USGP#4 – Louisville, KY.

The eighth race of the OVCX series was the fourth US Gran Prix race and a UCI2 event -big time pro and amateur racing. Massive fields and an epic, world-class course (future course of the World Championships 2012-2013). Team Hungry took this weekend off. However, Matt H braved the odds and faired incredibly well with a 15th place finish in the Cat4’s. To be clear, Matt was still riding for QCW and was formally invited to the team the following weekend.

OVCX#9 – Storm the Greens – Louisville, KY

This fast and fun course had plenty of technical features including six sandpits that could all be ridden (assuming you weren’t too gassed to hit the right lines) and an existing railroad tie step runup. Michael, Scott, Kerry, Alex, Andrew, and Matt made it to the show. Scott and Kerry say “thanks to whoever handed up those great microbrews.” Best results came from Scott with a 5th place in the Cat3’s, Andrew making 10th in the Cat4’s, and Michael hanging tough for 13th in the Elite race.

OVCX#10 – Gun Club – Milford, OH

Ah yes, the beloved Gun Club race did not disappoint. Excellent racing conditions that included single track, some mud, sand and barriers. Spectators were all over the course, especially crowded around the creek crossing spectacle. Team Hungry Hecklers Scott and Kerry hung out on the 25% grade runup planting ones and fives in the dirt, the bushes, and even the trees. Dozens of riders chose to forgo the cash preems in hopes of catching wheels or were too crosseyed to see money in their face.  Lead riders eager for an extra buck snatched the cash without missin’ a pedal stroke.  Alex, James, Michael, Kerry, Jamie, Matt, and Eric showed up to the shootout. Michael bested his previous race with a 12th in stout competition in the Elites and Alex flexed his quads to a 7th place in the Cat4’s. James was crushing in the lead when his tubie spoke again and he had to let the spots slip past.

OVCX#11 – Cap City Cross, Infirmary Mound – Columbus, OH

Ouch! Headwind and singletrack called for aeropower, agility, and tactics. Scott, Andrew, and Matt represented. Andrew outsprinted junior phenome Spencer Petrov for a 2nd place finish in the Cat4’s, consoling the young champ afterwards, “I am a strong road racer who can sprint, give it time young grasshopper.” Matt got 10th in the Cat4’s while Scott attacked his way toward the front but got outsprinted for a 3rd place finish in the Cat3’s, in which his adversary explained, “don’t feel bad, I’m just faster than you.”

OVCX#12 – Kentucky State Championships – Lexington, KY

Michael, Kerry, Alex, Matt, Andrew, James, Scott, and Jamie all paid to play in the Kentucky State Championship race. Ironically, the organizers turned a couple ball fields into a fairly interesting and challenging technical course. They said it was flat, but race day proved otherwise. A serious headwind shook things up a bit to the advantage of Scott who won the Cat3 35+ race by attacking headlong into the wind out of the pace line and never letting up. Kerry took the 8th spot in the Cat3’s, James got 7th in the Cat4 35+ and Andrew repeated his magic with a 2nd place in the Cat4’s. Matt and Alex raced like they were haulin’ quarter barrels of bourbon on their backs -oh wait, could that have been the result of too much celebration of the bourbon trail in the Reser/Hungry house stay?

OVCX13 – Ohio State Championship – John Bryan Park, Yellow Springs, OH

The cold rain and snow set the stage for some classic cyclocross racing for the Ohio State Championships. This popular race offered a bit of everything and a whole lot of slick mud. Bikers down gotta get around was the order of the day. Michael, Kerry, James, Matt, and Andrew answered the call of duty. James O’hhh set the record straight and became the Ohio State Champ of the Cat4 35+’s, Kerry had a great race for 11th place in the Cat3’s, and Andrew gave a strong ride for 5th place in the Cat4’s.

OVCX#14 – St. Mary’s Cross – Ft. Harrison, IN

Snow… Storm. Cold slop and snow and Matt Harbaugh went to work. Only Matt knows as he was the only Hungrian to make it to this race, but reports suggest hard conditions and great racing. Matt apparently lives for racing in everything, as he has raced more cx races this year than any other Hungry member. 15th place in the Cat4’s, great work!

US Gran Prix – The Stanley Portland Cup #1 and #2 – Portland, OR

The last two races of the USGP were held in Portland, OR, also known as cyclocross mecca. Two hungry boys bellied up to the line to race in classic cyclocross conditions, cold and muddy and huge field of cross-eyed crazies looking to join the ranks of USGP ranks. Michael and Alex flew out to fight it out. They set themselves up with single speed machines for the two days of racing and represented the team and the region quite well. Michael raced the Single Speed category both days, a feat quite impressive, as single speed is the holy grail of cyclocross for Portlanders. He clawed away for a 31st place finish on Saturday and came back swinging for a 22nd place finish Sunday. Alex raced his single speed straight up in the Cat4 race. The boy had two loaded guns and put down enough Ohio watts to land him an 11th place on Saturday and a crowd pleasing 4th place spot on Sunday!

OVCX#15 – Brookside Cup – Indiana State Championships – Indianapolis, IN

The OVCX season finale took place under perfect cyclocross conditions. There was snow from the previous day, (St. Mary’s) freezing mud, some slick as snot, some tacky, hilly terrain, plenty of technical sections, and an epic 40+ step run up after a hard slick off camber switchback. Kerry and Scott were down to clown. Kerry raced fast and seemed to be in his element at the front, playing foot out to stay on the hunt, but he bit it hard going down the long down hill off camber section; his derailer out of commission, time to walk it in. Scott decided to play his hand in the Elite Masters category for his final race working good lines on his 22psi tubies and laid down a hard sprint attack on the uphill paved section that gained him several spots before working up to 7th place.

Portland USGP

A few weeks ago Alex called me – “Wanna go to Portland USGP?” – of course I did!

I barely have a job, and my bank account is diminishing since my high roller days in an office, but it doesn’t matter. When a buddy ask you to go race in Portland, you just have to make it work. The opportunity to race through the infamous mud and roaring crowds is something that a cyclocross racer cannot turn down.

We arrived in Portland Friday and stayed with an original Hungarian – Brentus Momentus. He hooked us up with his single speeds to race with so that we didn’t have to pay the exorbitant shipping fees for our own bikes. We went to the veloshop to build up the bikes. This is Molly Cameron’s shop so we got to drool over her indy fab bike with DI2. This was real Portland, and the reality that bike racing is a way of life here was quickly evident. The air stunk of embrocation. The sound of roller intervals filled the hallways. I am immediately intimidated – how are we going to size up to these die hards?

The Portland USGP is a two day event. Both days Alex and I woke up at six am so that we could ride to the course on time for his 8am start. The course was at the Portland International Speedway (PIR), which was about 5 miles from where we stayed.

The course was the craziest I have ever seen. Part of PIR is a motocross venue, which means that we were getting rad on those huge jumps you see on the X games. The event organizers had us tearing up and down these things in every direction imaginable. Going down at speed was scary because of the deep mud you hit at the bottom of every flat, going up was impossible because of the steep ankle deep mud. Check it:

Apparently this was dry for Portland. But unseasonably cold and windy made for a long day of being outside. Finishing the OVCX season with little no no mud, this was still a swamp fest through our eyes.

Single Speed Cyclocross in Portland is way different than in the ovcx series. Guys here live for sscx. Looking at everyones bikes at the line, I was shocked to see how many custom frames with carbon wheels I saw. I somehow landed a front row call up but knew that the 60+ people behind me were there for blood. In ovcx, I am usually 3-4 minutes behind the winner in the elite field, but here I was 6 minutes from winning, how fast is that?!

Despite our dusty midwest roots, We got RAD! Alex raced the Category four race with about 100 other guys and had two really good results. 11th on Saturday and 4th on Sunday. He crushed dudes on his single speed! I on the other hand had two OK results. 31st on Sunday and 22nd on Saturday. My goal was to break into the top twenty, but I was still happy with my result after I realized how effing fast single speed dudes are in Portland.

What a great way to end the 2010 racing season. Now for those lovely winter base miles.

Thankful for CX

I need a good morning of pre-gaming (moonshine & bikes) before closing myself indoors for a few hours with the family during the holidays. Many people share this sentiment. Team Hungry usually heads for the mountain bike trails every Thanksgiving, but Corey Green’s rain dance brought mud and an impromptu cyclocross race that we couldn’t resist.

The race began with a track-influenced qualifier – Miss-N-Outs – where groups of five weaved around a small bunch of trees. The last person around on each lap was removed until you had a winner. The catch: if you were first on any lap, you had to take the mandatory desert hand-up (see below).

Starting order of the main event was determined by the qualifier and Corey Green’s discretion. Racers were released in heats based on some six-sigma algorithm that was worked out in seconds before the race.

The course was full of flying candy corn, mandatory pit stops, challenging short-cuts and of course, MUD. Finally we have soft ground! With all of the desert hand-ups, I’m pretty sure I had a net calorie gain by the end of the race. It was Thanksgiving, after all.

Hours later I am meeting my future in-laws…Dreaming of getting rad and thankful to have the momentum of an early morning cx race to get me through the day.

Thanks Corey!