Kool Stop Tire Jack

If you ever put on a set of older Continental 4000s you remember how difficult it was to get the bead over the rim. Well, my new Hutchinson Tubeless tires have super strong beads as well. Fortunately, I was at Campus Cyclery and Hooton said I could use this thing… This thing is a Kool Stop Tire Jack! No more pinched tubes while putting on a new tire. No more messin’ with tire levers for the last couple of inches on that difficult tire. The Kool Stop Tire Jack is awesome…

You can get one at Campus Cyclery Here

You know it’s good when Sheldon Brown gives it his seal of approval for difficult beads.
This is a very nice tool for dealing with really difficult tires.

How to use a Kool Stop Tire Jack from Kris R on Vimeo.