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The Reanimation of Alison
Alison Delgado won the first marathon she ever entered—Cincinnati’s Flying Pig—then was nearly killed in a traffic accident. Miraculously, on May 6 she will return to the starting line of that event, thinking of winning once again.

*Amazing Alison*


OSRS #5 Lynchburg Race Report

So what do you do when a frustrated, disorganized pack decides to soft pedal all but the last 1km of the final lap?  If you’re Matt Harbaugh you work your way to the front with 3 miles to go and try to push the pace, only to realize no one was interested, you’re off the front and you have only one guy on your wheel.  Then you keep up the pressure and increase the distance on a pack crawling along at 17 mph on a slightly up hill section we took all the previous laps at 22 mph.  I expected the final lap in this section to be ridiculously hard because the final k was a slight downhill with the wind at your back so I thought it would be a brutal battle for position to be first into the right hand turn just before the final k marker; to give you some persepective the first lap through the finish area the pack was cruising at an easy 35 mph; it was a hella fast run up to the finish!  But, for the final lap it was not and the pack was content at staying bunched up and taking the turn at slow speed, making it very difficult to get any position and I was stuck to far back in the pack to be effective.  I honestly thought we were going to stop and have a standing start for the sprint to the finish.  Matt saw none of this as his well timed effort gave him a well deserved 4th!  Another rider broke off with about 2 miles to go and chased down Matt and the other rider in the final k stealing a podium finish, but 4th is damn good and he was the first cat 4 to finish.

The events of the rest of the race may help explain the behavior at the end.  The first lap was very fast with groups of 2 to 10 shooting off and being brought back in the whole way around and just before the finish stretch of the first lap two guys broke off and stayed off, we never saw them again, despite strong efforts from the front of the pack through lap 4.  The two guys off the front probably belonged in a different race, just sayin’…  The main teams working the front were Darkhorse, Ghisalo and QCW with our old pal Tracey Seagar leading lots of efforts to form breakaways.  There were several formidable groups that gained a good distance only to fall apart and be sucked back into the pack.  I even tried my efforts at the front a few times during these chases and to see if I could split off and attempt to join one of the break away groups only to realize that was a recipe for complete disaster so, a bit humbled, I settled into mid pack and spent the rest of the race there.  What changed the dynamic was during the 3rd lap a break away group of about 5 seemed like it was really going to be able to succeed (it had a QCW and Darkhorse rider) only to fall apart when Tracey slid out in a corner and the break away lost a strong member and cooperation from the main pack.  It was a rough week for Tracey as he was hit by a car on Wednesday during his commute, but he still finished the race, because he is a badass!  After that it was clear QCW wasn’t going to do any more work at the front and eventually Darkhorse got tired of doing the work and no one else  seemed interested in doing anything so the race ended as I described it above.

Congrats to Matt for his highest road finish yet!

-M1ke Starr


Having stacked up a ton of mileage this week. I didn’t expect to do
very well at the race, so I only took 2 small pulls towards the end of
race when the pace was sagging. The turns were terrible with the pack
so I knew that getting a head and taking them at full speed would be a
much better option. I also knew that if it came down to a sprint, I
would most certainly loose. So I go to pull again and after 30 seconds
I look back and there is just one guy and we put 100 yards on the
pack. So I was like well shits Its now or never. So I just crushed it
as hard as I could and the other guy,I think his name was shawn, held
on. We traded some pulls and then at the last turn he cramped and I
left him. By this time 1 other guy had caught us. I held on to his
wheel for a bit, but then he powered away from me with 200km to go.


OSRS #3 Lap 2 Climb and Crash 2012 Harrison’s Tomb

Matt “helmet cam” Hardball has some footy from the wet descent and crash in the Open 3/4 race.

Jason Monk (Mad Monk Racer) mentions in his blog that the guy beside him had his front wheel slide out at about 35mph. Max Lundbeck (BSM and Lundbeck Cycles) told me that he barely avoided a guy that hit his brakes and had his bike slide out.

It was definitely slimeeeee out there. I’m glad that I was able to keep the rubber side down, probably because I was blasted off the back. Unfortunately, Kyle and Seth got taken out in this crash… :(

Race report coming soon. I’m way too tired now.

Lesb-Anne pulling in full force...

OSRS #2 – New Haven Road Race

OSRS #2 – New Haven Road Race was set in the rolling countryside of Miami Whitewater Forest one of Cincinnati’s great parks.

Lesbi-Anne made her racing comeback after a broken collar bone at the Mainstrasse Race Seriesin August of 2011! Unfortunately for her, while she was healing from the initial break, she fell and broke the collar bone again! Earlier this year the bone still was not healed so she went and had surgery to get a titanium plate help keep her together. Needless to say, Lesbi-Anne is back in full force. She took her fair share of pulls and finished mid-pack. Way to go grrl!

Lesb-Anne pulling in full force...

LesbiAnne - pulling the peloton around

We had a great turn out for the mens 3/4 race; Kyle, Seth, Starr, Hardball, Big Tom and I were all registered. Unlike the 100 field the week before, this was a workable 50+ field. Large pelotons on one lane roads are a bit hectic. The first race, I felt like I rode my brakes way more than any other race I’ve experienced. In comparison, this 50+ peloton felt comfortable. For most of the race it felt like a steady group ride. Except when we’d get to the Alert / New London Hill – 1/2 mile at 5% avg. grade. This is where the attacking would take place and stretch the pack. The peloton would stay separated going down the other side, around a tight corner and through a mellow grinding up hill rolling section. The peloton regrouped, passed the finish line for one 10 mile lap and repeat.

Lap 4 of 5 my rubber band snapped and I had that horrible sensation of watching the race disappear in front of my eyes as I wasn’t able to hold a wheel any longer. In hindsight, here’s how I blew the race:
-I found out about STRAVA after The Best Bike Blog Ever recently made a post “Goodbye Townline Sprint, Hellow Strava” – stoopid thing #1
-On Thursday, I should’ve been tapering off, I went to get some STRAVA KOM Glory  – stoopid thing #2
-I thought the race was on Sunday and I should be recovered from my STRAVA. Turns out Big Tom and LesbiAnne also thought the race was on Sunday. Big Tom went out for a hard group ride Thursday Night – stoopid thing #3
-Zero warm up before race… I had to find a last minute baby sitter. She / Stepfanie happened to be a course marshall for race day day. – stoopid thing #4

Add all of my stoopid things up and this is how you can easily blow your race. I did get 2nd overall behind Chris Uberti on the OSRS Strava Challenge for the Alert / New London Hill strava, strava, strava… warning, it’s addictive.

Back to the race report…

Seth - Crushing Watts and Taking Names

Big Tom, Starr, Hardball and I were off the back for the last lap. Seth and Kyle were still on the hunt for some solid placement. Seth told me Kyle took some strong pulls to keep the pace ramped up with Kyle and Seth in good position for the later half of the last lap. Rounding the last corner and it’s game on. Some people make some moves at 1000m… Then 500m… It’s not until 200m that you see Seth blow by everyone like they’re standing still. If you’ve had the chance to see Seth’s engine run at full power hold onto your handlebars and try to get in his slip stream. Seth wins the bunch spring with Kyle 2 men behind. Overall they get a 3rd and 5th because of a 2 man breakaway. I anticipate many podium finishes for that duo. We haven’t had a ‘climbing’ race where I think Kyle will start crushing.


Here’s some footage from Ian Cramer

Ohio Spring Series #1 Deer Creek Race Report 2012

I rode up with jamie(pike county), billy(orange crush) and lil t(lil t). luckily pike county’s navigation skills are second to none. he made 3 hours of driving only require 3.5 hours. :)

We had clear skies up until about 20 miles from the course. As luck would have it, some rain clouds greeted us and began to drop lots o’ water.

we made it to deer creek with a little under 1 hour to get registered, visit the port-a-potty(some of us, multiple times), get kits on, check our horoscope, etc…

Pike County, Billy the Orange and Lil T went out into a heavily sand bagged Cat 5 race stacked 50 deep field. This is Lil T’s first road race, but not his first rodeo cowboy. I predicted he’d podium because he’s riding really strong. He’s racing his new cross bike with a 1×10 system. Needless to say, the 30± mph straights had him spinning his pistons close to 150rpms!  Jamie and Billy are tightly matched and I see those two pushing each other throughout this year. Lil T stays with the peloton for his entire first road race and finishes a respectable 16th out of 50 riders! Billy fell off with about 2 laps to go and Jamie later followed suit after suffering severe cramps from a mid-race refuelling of fried chicken and corn dog. Billy hunted Jamie down and got him right before the end. Billy was really close to getting chicked, but was able to out gun her towards the end – take that… Feel free to elaborate and or correct me peoples.

CAT 3/4
Seth, Kyle, Hardball and Myself lined up for this race. Hardball rolls to the line with a vine of grapes hoping it would get him through 2 hours of racing. I didn’t have any extra fuel to offer him. I think he was stuffing grap vines in his jersey pockets before the race. As we’re leaving and still in the NEUTRAL zone, someone hits the pavement. Kyle and I barely dodge the slow motion carnage. I took a bike wheel to my left hand. Unfortunately, Seth hits something pretty hard. Apparently he raced the entire race with a cracked zipp 303! I think hardball get slowed down to a stop and dismounted, but i think he avoids the wreckage. 100 riders a couple inches from each other on half a road is pretty tight. At least pro pelotons with 120 riders get the entire roadway. Needless to say, bam another wreck occurs while crossing a bridge. Apparently as when we were crossing the bridge at about 25 a ref rolls by on his motorcycle and tells people to get inside the yellow. This crams everyone together in an even smaller space and WHAM! That shitty crashing carbon fiber sound starts to echo through the valley… I do a small hop over someones wheel and then end up leaning into a girl from Team Dayton. We share a little Secret and luckily stay upright. Kyle barely squeaks through behind me. Still no site of Seth or Matt at this point. I’m assuming they’re working their way back from the first mishap.

Shortly after this wreck, we get some torrential rain that was blasting down on us and a couple lightning strikes in the distance. The cat 4/5’s were lucky enough to avoid this fun wet section. My brakes were almost useless as we were barreling downhill in the rain. About 2 laps in, Seth finally rolls up and is looking strong – as always. Still no sign from Matt. Apparently, he had to make his second dismount. Which was good, he could stop and eat some grapes from his pocket.

About 2 laps to go and Kyle was hoping we could break the pack before the uphill section. Seth, Kyle and I went off the front pulling about 33-35 mph and attempted to get away but this was shut down pretty fast with a huge peloton.

I dropped back and watched Seth and Kyle up front. Still no sign of Hardball. It appeared to me Seth was taking some rather long pulls out front. He burnt his last match and ended up dropping to the back of the pack – finding Hardball snacking on some grapes.

Kyle was in a pretty good position up towards the front for the final sprint and ended up charging into 4th overall! I thought I was in good position for the last sprint but the peloton started to widen and I got pushed over the yellow line. I didn’t want to get DQ’d so I let off the gas and coasted into 13th overall (4th cat 4’s). I’ll take it. A day or racing is better than a day of staring at a computer.


billy out for a leisurely ride

lil t + cx bike + 1x10 = high RPM

kyle pulling off the front

HardBall, resident vintner


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UCI Weedend Update..

We came, we saw… we got RAD as hell!  As a cross racer, the Cincy3 UCI weekend is something that you look forward to all year.   How often do you get a chance to rip it up in the morning, then spend the afternoon heckling the pros while they flat out destroy the course that nearly killed you a few hours earlier?  For me, the UCI weekend was my first exposure to the mayhem and madness known as cyclocross.  I watched on the sidelines of Harbin Park as JamesO got as rad as he could manage at time.  With a double sand pit, technical off-camber, and a blazing downhill… I was hooked.   That was 4 years ago.

Fast forward to 2011.  Team Hungry is raging strong, breaking hearts, and robbing fools on the cross course.    After the dust bowl races of last year, I think everyone was stoked to see the temperature drop and the rain come down in the days leading up to Friday’s race at Devou Park.  Simply put, Devou is a killer.  Non-stop climbing, tons of off-camber and a mud pit you could get lost in.  It’s always hard.  Alex Steinker and Billy Craig led the day out in the Singlespeed/Cat 4 Masters combo.   Alex took the first CX podium of the year with a solid 3rd place ride.  Not to mention, he got to share the podium with Craig Etheridge, one of the top ranked singlespeed racers in the country.  Billy fought hard for 5th in the Cat 4 35+.   Blair Barter was our lone woman of the weekend!  She battled with the muddy conditions, and given the time she has been racing CX, I’d say she did well.  Blair took 15th overall in the Cat 1/2/3/4 Womens race , 9th among the Cat 4’s, and plenty of mud for the ride home.   Mike Starr and Thom Anderson gave it hell in the Cat 4 Open race.   Mike laid down a solid ride for 7th and Thom hung on for 15th on day.    And what would a local CX race with out Matt Harbaugh… the dude that races everything he can get his wheels on.    If you’ve got a race, Harbaugh will do it.   And in the Cat 2/3 group, he didn’t disappoint.   With a fast field, Matt finished 28th overall and 11th among the Cat 3 riders.   In the Ol’ Man Cat 3 35+, JamesO rounded out Team Hungry’s stellar opening day of the UCI weekend.  He rode hard to 6th place finish on a bike he hadn’t ridden before!  A total James move…  Although Pardi didn’t race,  I have to give him the Hecklers nod!   It was clear from the start of the UCI Elite Mens race that Tim Johnson and his budding moustache didn’t know what do with Scott Pardi.   Between the shouts of “Timmy” and the on course coaching Pardi provided, Johnson had all of the motivation he needed and couldn’t stop smiling.

Saturday’s race headed up to Middletown for a cold hammerfest.    Despite the fact that this is typically the easiest race of the weekend, I have a developed seething hatred for this course over the last few years.  It has somehow managed to beat me down on each of my previous attempts… but not this year.  Billy and I rolled up to a cold dark morning with the Cat 4 35+ group.  I had a decent call up, but quickly blew it after sprinting out of my pedals and having to ride the first quarter of the lap with one foot unclipped.    I finally managed to get in to a good rhythm and starting picking people off.  Somewhere during the start of the third lap, I looked around and realized that I was battling it out for 2nd with a little gap to Billy in 4th.    In the final meters, I dropped the hammer firmly taking 2nd place (and my first podium finish) and Billy held strong at 4th.   In the Cat 4 Open group, Mike and Thom rode hard for 14th and 15th.   Harbaugh roughed it up in the Cat 2/3 for 22nd place in the 3’s.   JamesO had a last lap crash a knock him off of the podium, but popped up quickly to finish 5th on the day.


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  Harbin Park.  A UCI C1 race.   Always technical, always, hard, always fast, always fun!  The weather was perfect.  Nice and cool in the morning, and warming throughout the day.  The course was rad.  Just enough mud to get dirty, but not enough to slow you down.   Billy and I were coming off of the strong day in Middletown and we were both feeling good.  I had been so bold the evening before to tell my friends and teammates that I had one plan for Harbin… To win!  Billy and I showed up good and early to do get plenty of time on the course prior to starting.   We were able to get about 3 laps in before the call-ups started and I felt like the course really suited me.   Between the technical off-camber and grinding tall grass climb… I had a good feeling about my ability to win it.

The ref’s had decided to change the call-up structure from previous day to put all of the elite singlespeed guys on the frontrow, which put me on in the middle of the third row and Billy in the fourth row… not where we were hoping to be.  My plan was to sprint out of the gate and hop on to the back of the single speed group and hold on for dear life.  At the whistle, I began hammering the spirit only to have my foot pot out again, but this time I managed a much better save and reclipped in no time.   I charged up the up the hill into the first turn.  I was setting 5th wheel, which is exactly where I wanted to be.    Four back from the blazing fast Craig Etheridge in a tight group.    By the time we exited the technical off-camber section, we had a little gap on the rest of the field, and I was the lone cat4 guy in the bunch.   I dug deep to pace this group on the straight grass hill section up to the finish and through the sand, and within the first lap, I had about 10 seconds on the chase group.  I started working with one of the singlespeed guys and really pushed it.  During the next lap and a half I was able to extend the lead to almost a minute.  My legs were on fire, but in a really good way.   When I came around the technical section on the last lap I saw AnnieMac was screaming for me and at this point, I felt unstoppable.  I had no idea where Billy was in all of this, but was hoping that he was crushing it too.  As I cruised the last lap, I finally got a glimpse of Billy about a minute back and leading the charge.   He had been battling up through the pack and had no idea that he was in second place.  To say that Billy was digging deep, would have been a massive understatement.   He was charging!

The rest of the team faired well on the day.  Blair took 9th overall in the Cat 1/2/3/4 Womens race.  In the Cat 4 Open, Tom McKenna rode to a solid 10th with Mike Starr close behind at 14th.  In the Cat 3 open, Harball also squeezed in the top 20 at 22nd.

The whole weekend was fantastic and well organized thanks to Mitch Graham and the supporting teams BioWheels, Darkhorse, and Queen City Wheels!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!


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Cyclocross Masters Worlds Race Report

I ended up 38th out of 62 riders and I was able to finish the entire race without getting pulled.

The course had crazy frozen ruts that would instantly throw me into the tape at random. I’m pretty sure I broke at least 8 stakes during the race.

Surprisingly, i only went down once as a deep Rut threw me into a cloth barrier under the green monster and the solid stake holding it up grabbed my front wheel threw me to the ground.

To top the frozen ruts off, there was a coating of ice like slime on the rest of the course which caused me to unclip several times to keep upright.

My front wheel must’ve not been attached too well because it was shaking. Or, the ruts knocked it out. I’m not sure. I did have to stop on the ‘green monster’ to tighten my front wheel back into my fork.

Thanks to Scott Pardi and Eric Puryear for running the pits. I think I made 4 or 5 bike changes. The transitions were so smooth and the bike was nice and clean! Thanks to Corey Green for the pink bike!

My rum hand up on the last run up about made me puke and caused my vision to go blurry.

here’s a flickr set from hardball:

Single Portfolio: 2/3 Slider

Portfolio Entry!

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