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Spring Series Wrap Up (Cat 3 Report)

Team Hungry has proven itself to be a force to reckon with. As illustrated by our Cat 3 squad (Andrew, Michael, and a dash of Scott Pardi) we can, and will, race the shit out of some bikes. Look at us wrong during a race, and we’ll drop you in a quick second (kidding, yes?). […]

Mobo Bike Build-Off

We’ll pretty much race you at anything. Especially if it has ANYTHING to do with bikes. Part of Mobo‘s annual fundraiser this year was a bike build where teams were challenged to assemble a bike with the highest integrity the fastest. Each team was given a bucket of parts, a stripped frame, and a few […]


Suffering is above, not below. And everyone thinks that suffering is below. And everyone wants to rise. -Antonio Porchia


My parents make fun of me for bike racing. They roll their eyes when I talk about epic rides. They think its ridiculous when they hear how much money I spend on equipment. They see me and laugh at my tight fighting, obnoxiously colored uniform. I enjoy the criticism. For me, taking a comedic blow […]

2011 Sponsor Line-Up

Wow! Feeling totally overwhelmed about the generosity of this year’s sponsors coming through for Team Hungry. I’m really feelin’ the love here! Our sponsors are what keep us going, and thanks to all of them, we can keep biking on our merry way! These companies are supporting Cincinnati cycling, and we think they need some […]

Portland USGP Photos Cont.

Found some great photos from USGP Day 2. Alex is holding first place wheel for the first 2 laps. MC looks strong through the twistys.

Portland USGP

A few weeks ago Alex called me – “Wanna go to Portland USGP?” – of course I did! I barely have a job, and my bank account is diminishing since my high roller days in an office, but it doesn’t matter. When a buddy ask you to go race in Portland, you just have to […]

Thankful for CX

I need a good morning of pre-gaming (moonshine & bikes) before closing myself indoors for a few hours with the family during the holidays. Many people share this sentiment. Team Hungry usually heads for the mountain bike trails every Thanksgiving, but Corey Green’s rain dance brought mud and an impromptu cyclocross race that we couldn’t […]

Blood, Sweat, & Dust – Kings CX Weekend

The Beginning of cross season and the OVCX series hits hard: Two days of back-to-back racing at Kingswood Golf Course in Mason, Ohio. With a more difficult course and significantly more entrants than the prior year, everyone was dancing to the tune of competition. The Course: It was DRY. I think I am still coughing […]