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Longest Day Fundraiser: WAY TO GO TEAM HUNGRY!

Congratulations, Team Hungry! Because of you all, we raised almost $1200 yesterday! More than 15 team members + family members participated in riding our bikes all day on the Longest day of the year, raising support and awareness for the 15 million family member caregivers in the US who battle this terrible disease not just […]

Cleves 2014 Team Times

Cleves has had 1810 riders that have ridden the course since 1974! Cleves is starting up in May. It runs every Tuesday until the end of September. I’m definitely going to be riding a few Cleves TTs this year. You have to pay for a QCW membership in advance to race the TTs. This gives […]

Rollin out in Park City with Timmy and Ali

Timmy and Ali moved out to Park City so Timmy could experiment with the polygamy… He actually is out there to do some next level doctor training. In the meantime, he and Ali are hitting some epic trails. Rollin out in PC – YouTube.

Bike Setup

Nice comprehensive video about bike setup. Nothing truly replaces having an expert looking at your setup. However, this might keep you from getting hurt legs, hips, knees, neck, ankle The featured image is a print of Edddy Merckx available here