Wasson Way Project Cincinnati


Wasson Way

A shared bike and pedestrian path that gives individuals and families a place to get out and engage with their community actively, all the while protecting a resource for future transit.

The Wasson Way is a proposed path that will go 6.5 miles from Xavier University to the Little Miami Bike Trail in Newtown. It would give 120,000 people, living within one mile of the trail, access to a network of over 100 miles of bike and pedestrian trails, most of which already exist. With a short connector to Armleder Park near Lunken Airport, the network of trails will soon go from Coney Island to downtown, from Lunken Airport to Milford and beyond, eventually connecting to northern Ohio.

Over the last 20 years we’ve seen cities transition abandoned spaces such as these into remarkable greenways that enliven communities, increase commerce, and attract residents. In cities like Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Washington DC, which have urban trails, they are consistently mentioned as one of the best features of those cities.


Sagan, the new Mario Cipollini

Sagan is boss!


sagan get'n sum!

sagan get’n sum!

Slovakia’s Peter Sagan crossed the finish line on one wheel as he won Sunday’s Gent-Wevelgem one-day classic.

Sagan, who finished 23 seconds ahead of Slovenia’s Borut Bozic, celebrated his victory by pulling a wheelie as he crossed the line.

Mark Cavendish was the best-placed Briton, crossing the line in a group 40 seconds adrift, in a race shortened by 50km because of the cold weather.



Read More Here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/cycling/21919397

and HEre (with video): http://road.cc/content/news/79705-video-cannondale-give-insiders-view-peter-sagans-gent-wevelgem-win



Great article about hydration!

hydrationSNI:  From the standpoint of rehydration, is there an ideal percentage of carbohydrate that is needed when consuming fluids?  Is there a combination of carbohydrates that is ideal?
Stacy: In my experience working with athletes, they are so focused on calories that they don’t pay attention to the fact that what they are drinking contributes to FUELING, not HYDRATION.

Let me explain.

In science speak: During prolonged exercise, fluid and salt losses through sweating reduce plasma volume which leads to heart rate drift in association with hyperthermia and reductions in performance. Oral rehydration with water reduces the loss of plasma volume and lessens heart rate drift and hyperthermia. Moreover, the inclusion of sodium in the rehydration solution to levels that double those in sweat (i.e., around 90 mmol/l Na+) restores plasma volume when ingested during exercise, and expands plasma volume if ingested pre-exercise.

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Cleves TT Records

Current rundown of Team Hungry* Cleves TT records. Cleves is the longest running TT in North America. If you haven’t cut your teeth on this course, go get some!



23:57 Glenn Wolf 1986

24:19 Scott Pardi 2009

24:51 Michael Chewning 2009

24:52 James O’Loughlin 2010

25:12 Sean Cooney 2011

26:09 Mark Hooton 2009

26:27 Micheal Starr 2009

27:07 Jamie Williamson 2012

27:07 Billy Craig 2012

27:20 Kerry Nordstrom 2008

28:15 Matt Harbaugh 2012 touring bike with panniers

28:16 Jeff Schlaudecker 2011



25:49 Melissa Rucker 2010

26:44 Anne McDonald 2010

28:31 Blair Barter 2009

29:04 Alison Delgado 2010

33:31 Liz Schlaudecker 2011



One Man / One Women Mixed Tandem

22:41 – Bob Schoettinger and Melissa Rucker 2007

One Man / One Women Course Record

25:28 Anne McDonald and James O’Loughlin  2010



21:38 Paul Liebonrod (frequently seen mashing gears at Hungry* team rides) held the record from 1991 to 2008!


Tri State 6 Hour Mountain Bike Series – 6HRS

6HRS (6 Hour Race Series)

Team Hungry* is sponsoring stop #1 of the Tri State 6 Hour Race Series at VSP



June 22, 2013

Course Description : What can you say about Versailles besides it’s freakin’ sweet! Team Hungry* is bringing the pain this year for the first 6-hour series. The race will start near the creek and scream towards the trailhead entrance. From there, let the climbing begin! Course will be ran counter-clockwise which means UP Shadow Run and UP Cliffside. Get ready for a fun day in the saddle.

More Information Here