Heckle Ghoul Coverage on ‘Behind the Barriers’

The latest edition of J-Pow’s ‘Behind the Barriers’ features some footage from the Cincinnati Kings International Race. Hungry* and the Ghoul have a few appearances, check it out!

This is what America has been waiting for ever since it was first announced in January of 2010: for the first time in history, the UCI Cyclocross World Championships were on their way to the United States! Behind THE Barriers was on the ground early to make sure it was with Jeremy for every possible moment in the lead up to America’s biggest ever cyclocross race. Before it was time to race in Louisville, however, Jeremy and the Team Rapha-Focus gang headed a couple hours north to race the Cincinnati Kings International in Cincinnati, Ohio, against reigning World Champion Neils Albert and some other big European stars. Jeremy rides to a very impressive third place behind Albert and his young teammate, Wietse Bosmans, the U23 Belgian Champion. A week of focus followed, with just enough spare time for some fun, including a tour of the famous Louisville Slugger factory and an interview with Louisville’s WDRB TV news station. Finally, the wait is over, and American cyclocross turns out in a way never seen before. Not only are the best professional cyclocross riders in the world on show, but so is the amazing American cyclocross culture that was eager to show the world that America knows its cyclocross. In the end, Behind THE Barriers is proud to have been there and to have been a part of such an historic race! Finally, when all the dust clears, it’s off to another historic event – the Louisville 2013 Foam Party. Thank you Louisville, and thank you America, for producing such an amazing event!

Happy Valentine’s Day

large-heart-map-a7b0f669a2544f0a7a4e8607e7e5a1b338d3add3-s40Happy Valentine’s Day – to one of my earliest companions.

Long before the charms of girls filled my head with intoxicating and effervescent waves of bliss and mystery,

Long before those waves sucked me in and thrashed my heart on uneasy seas of emotion,

Long before my body would fill with up with butterflies, and later release my deepest cries,

I was a child in love with the bicycle,

I was a child at times in concert with that functional design, riding a line that merged boundless freedom within the confines of nature,

And though I’ll never forget the icy flush that rushed in after cracking my nuts on the handlebar stem long ago in RJ’s driveway,

And that my legs burn with the fire of respect at the top of any good hill despite that admirable mechanical advantage,

I’m as much in love with the machine today.

Thank you bicycle,
for all the good years.

-Scott Pardi 2013-02-14