Mitchell Memorial in Photos

OSRS Road Update

Man!! Has MC Chewy been killing it!  2 week back to back podiums at 2 of the windiest races I have ever seen.  Last week was Vandervorts Corner.  A guy from Abundance got away solo with 2 to go and he seem like he was long gone.  Andrew and MC were in about a 12 man chase and what sounded like andrew had completely destroyed every last person in that group.  The solo break worked and MC and Andrew’s chase was coming in.  MC Came from about 6 wheels back and destroyed the sprint.  Good Day for Hungry!

Yesterday was Spring Valley.  A favorite course among many riders.  I had Harbaugh in my field and Anne and Blair had each other.  MC was all alone due to Scott nursing an injury and Andrew out of town.  Needless to say I got shattered in the 2nd lap and faced a hard day in the wind by myself.  With about a half lap to go I hear the Cat 3 Break coming behind me and it was about 6 guys.  Chewning was in it and i was stoked.  With the Climb left to go I was crossing my fingers all the way up to the line hoping to see how mike had done.  Looks like MC ended up third.  2 guys attacked on the climb and chewning was sitting a couple wheels back.  He said he didn’t want to jump and have the other guys just hold his wheel to the top.  He sat in and made up some serious ground again in a sprint.  He nabbed 3rd.  Sounds like someone is working extra hard this year.  We are all proud of that!  MC Hammerfest