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Suffering is above, not below.

And everyone thinks that suffering is below.

And everyone wants to rise.

-Antonio Porchia

2011 OSRS#1 Deer Creek – Anne’s Perspective

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LesbiAnne shares her first 1/2/3 race….

In the pic I’m coming up from back on the right.  I blew past half that pack and knocked off Tierra Kier (powerful Dayton chic) at the line by about 1- 2 inches.  It was so close that I had to dispute the results. The race offficial pulled the video up on the laptop.  While it was insanely close, it was clear that I literally nipped her.   He changed the results and so I finished 9th overall for cat 1,2,3 women.  That doesn’t sound too impressive but this group of 1,2,3 are crazy good.

Rest of race report is as follows.  First lap shifted between hard efforts and stupid slow soft pedaling games.  Three girls got away and Dayton controlled rest of main field so no one chased.  Then another major break at beginning of lap … Read More »

OSRS #1 Deer Creek

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Awesome first race for the hungry men’s and women’s squads.  Anne and Blair both had an excellent showing in the women’s 123.  Definitely going to be on the podium regularly.  The Cat 5 men’s field was dominated early on with a 2 man break.  Adam settled on finishing with the bunch.  Nice work!  The Cat 4 race was a strange race.. many failed break attempts lead to a tired bunch and a the group finally got away on lap 2.  Zach, Matt, and myself remained silent in the rest of the bunch just trying to stay up right through the end.  I’m just happy I finished with the group!  The Cat 3 race sounded brutal from the words of Scott, MC, and Andrew.  Andrew got away with 2 others on the last hill and that group stay away until the … Read More »

Cincinnati Iditarod Race Volunteer

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community service advocates out helping the iditarod

2011 Hueston Woods Road Race by Team Hungry

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2011 Hueston, We Have A Problem Road Race

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Hungry* Haz Watts!

Cleves 2014 Team Times

Cleves has had 1810 riders that have ridden the course since 1974!

Cleves is starting up in May. It runs every Tuesday until the end...

Tri State 6HRs Race Series Course Comparison

Comparison of VSP, EF and Hueston Woods Race course…

Hueston Woods is going to be Tough this weekend July 28th 2013. Get Registered!!!

JoinARace.com Registration

anything i...

Rollin out in Park City with Timmy and Ali

Timmy and Ali moved out to Park City so Timmy could experiment with the polygamy… He actually is out there to do some next...

King of the world – Cycling with kids… normal.

I think the Dutch bike culture is quite pleasant and the kids are stoked.

Anthony's Putsch – King of the world (official video) – YouTube.

Bike Setup

Nice comprehensive video about bike setup. Nothing truly replaces having an expert looking at your setup. However, this might keep you from getting hurt...

Successful TS6Hour Race

A recap on the Tri-State 6 Hour Race that was held at Versailles State Park is now available here.

Cipo Flashback

Mario Cipollini (Italian pronunciation: ; born 22 March 1967), often abbreviated to “Cipo”, is a retired Italian professional road cyclist most noted for...

Bike Take-Apart


Todd McLellan Takes rad Pics

Kool Stop Tire Jack

If you ever put on a set of older Continental 4000s you remember how difficult it was to get the bead over the rim....

Self Protection on a Cycle…

How you may Best Defend Yourself when Attacked by Modern Highwaymen, Showing how you should Act when Menaced by Foot-pads, when Chased by...