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A Letter to Team Hungry..

I realize that this website is mainly used to tell stories of crazy winter rides, race results, and general cycling goofiness.  It is also a blog.  Today i’ve decided to blog.  It is January 27th… and also my 1 year reunion since the beginning of my cycling journey (roughly).  A year ago I bought my first bike with drop handlebars, clip-less pedals,  10 speeds, and skinny tires.  It was a modest bike and i didn’t know to much about cycling.  I remember going on my first group ride.  I got dropped so bad because i bonked.  I literally felt my body crumble minute by minute.  I was miserable, i wanted to quit, i wanted to call my mom, and i wanted to never see any of these a-holes any more.   Fast forward one year.  Cycling has absolutely changed my life.  This past year of my life has been the most eventful so far.  Graduating college, getting a real job, terrible relationship break ups, and depressing personal issues.  The common denominator that i can gather about my overall “radstokedness” , if you will, is team hungry.  I was in a terrible place these last couple of months and i put on a huge mask because of it.  This all goes beyond racing and training.  I have made  some amazing life long friendships with 15 or so of the most rad dudes and ladies around.  I know i’m going to be teased so bad about this because michael thinks that I am way to into social media, but oh well michael get over it.  Here is to a great first year and hopefully many more years to come.  Thanks to our awesome sponsors and also thanks to you Michael, Scott, Starr, Andrew, Eric, Kerry, Ali, Tim, Young Zach, Tee, James, Jamie, Anne, Blair, Adam, Matt, Benny Hay, Brian, and Glenn.


West Side Cold Ride

WOW it was cold this weekend.  Almost too cold to ride.  Almost.  This past week we have been crushed with snow.  I mean crushed for cincinnati.  We had like 6 inches!!  Anyways the white death had kept most of us off the bike outside for a couple days and I was beginning to grow tired of my intense trainer work outs.  Saturday night I went out to party with the likes of the BSM crew, well maybe only Max.  It was a fun night of bowling, beers, and too many beers.  I woke up sunday morning around 9 a.m. to max’s whining cats.  I could hear it out side of the office couch where I was sleeping.  MEOW ME ME MEOOOW.   Damn cats… don’t you realize I’m hung over.  At this point I am moving around and having coffee with max.  I looked outside and it looked like a beautiful sunday.  Sun was out snow was white and it was about 8 degrees.  At 10:13 a.m. I sent Chewning that motivating text that read “Quick Ride? Out Side?”  The only reply I received after that was “K”… oh michael, such enthusiasm.  It was on!!  We had planned a team trainer ride for about 3 p.m. but i just wasn’t feeling it.

Chewning and i met around 11:30 and we were on our way to scoop up Scott to ride some west side.  Scott always wants to ride outside.  So this was it.  We were really going to ride outside in this 15 degree day.   Scott took us on some sketchy, windy, downhill, slushy, decents and some hairy climbs.  We had a nice pace until this pretty short but very steep climb.  I could tell Mike and Scott were turning it up about half way up the climb.  Let me first mention how weak of  climber I am to both of these two.  The pace seemed to get harder with each foot but very steady.  I was on Mikes wheel and I wasn’t moving.  Wow!? It’s over?  I’m finishing with Scott and Michael??  How could it be??  Congratulations were coming from both parties unfortunately followed by Scott mentioning that we took it pretty easy.  G’ Dangit!  I’m still slow.

We started the crawl back into Northside from West Fork Road.  We came up to another steep climb off of Montana Avenue.  I was on the front and had no intentions of riding off the front.  I was seated in a nice grove trying to keep my heart rate some what low.  I noticed I had put a bit of a gap on those two fools.  With out any warning I hear Michael drop like 5 gears and he was in his drops crushing a sprint up the hill.  Of course Scott followed after Chewning and I followed Scott.  Michael peeled off and I was still trying to hold onto Scott.  G’ Dangit!  I blew up about 50 feet from the top.  I looked at my HR Monitor and i said Oops!  New Max HR.  183 BPM.   At the top we were all laughing about how dumb that was and michael said… ” I don’t know why I did that… I instantly regretted it.”  Yep all smiles and head nods all around.  We finished the ride with the cruise through Mt. Airy forest.  Michael and I chatted about the ride over burritos from one of my favorite sponsors… The Comet.  Michael said we have the best lives.  I couldn’t agree more.  There is nothing better than that small intimate group on a terrible day to make riding the bike that much better.  Followed by that awesome jerk tofu burrito and a nice Bell’s Winter Lager.  Here are some pics from the ride.

Rollin’ Kentucky!

Since the beginning of January we have been meeting every sunday for our weekly base mile rides.  Attendance has been high and morale has never been higher.  Along the course of the rides I have been falling off the back (on purpose!) to snap some pics.  In my opinion Kentucky has some of the best road riding in the tri state area.  6 miles outside of Newport you are already in the rolling country hills no matter which way you go.. east or west!  I had a great time exploring a lot of these roads this summer on some crazy 100 miles rides with Glenn and Adam.  Last year I can remember us riding route 8 west every sunday.  Borrrrring!  These new routes have really began to refresh the normal base mile routes!  Now on to the pics

Harbin Park Winter MTB Time Trial Series

While half of the team was off at UC testing their lactating thresholds (only 1 girl went, not sure why the guys went), Jamie and I (James) went out to Harbin park today for a warm winter TT race thing – Harbin Park Riding Dirty TT Series. The weather gurus predicted we’d see temps in the high 30’s today. With a fresh pack of snow on the ground, we were hoping it would stay cold enough to not turn the park into a mud fest.

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2011 Sponsor Line-Up

Wow! Feeling totally overwhelmed about the generosity of this year’s sponsors coming through for Team Hungry. I’m really feelin’ the love here!

Our sponsors are what keep us going, and thanks to all of them, we can keep biking on our merry way! These companies are supporting Cincinnati cycling, and we think they need some support in return.

Campus Cyclery: Our favorite Bike shop. Duh! These guys have been with us since the beginning and have been an amazing support to the team. Go there. Get your bike all fixed up and pretty like.

Cincy Bike Rentals: Want to travel to Cincinnati to test your skills against Hungry? Don’t want to bring your bike? Cincy bike rentals has your (and our) back!

Park+Vine: Another sponsor veteran! Returning with us for year 3, this business does everything it can for the local bike scene. Whether it’s riding recreationally or racing, Park+Vine is all about biking! Give them some love and feel inspired to go out and pedal!

The Comet: Best Beers. Best Bluegrass. Best Burritos. It only makes sense that the Comet sponsors the best bike team in the city.

Dubwerx: Year two of sponsorship. Most of us love our bikes, but know nothing about fixing our cars. Dubwerx has got us covered. This is simply the best place to go for that sexy VW or Audi repair.

forkheartknife: This is the fuel of Team Hungry. Better food = Better racers. Good luck beating our food ;)

Primax Studio: Host of this site and employer of Dad Hands! Have him dress up your website so that it can look as good as ours!

Volvo of Cincinnati: Large and in charge.

Thanks everyone! We are ready to rock it!

NYE CX PIE (New Years Eve Cyclocross Pie Recycled Tape)

Pretty much everyone had hung up their CX bikes for the season about a month ago. Then, those wiseguys at QCW thought they’d give us one more punch to the stomach, leg, shoulder, etc… Some of us suckers had our arms bent and twisted to get out to Kingswood for some mud slinging in near 60 degree December 31 weather!

Category C:
Jamie was holding 2nd place for 95% of the race. Not sure Jamie ever had a chance for 1st against a CAT 2 rider in his first CX race. In all fairness, the CAT 2 rider got his first cross bike 2 weeks before the race. Jamie hammered out strong laps until the last creek crossing / bunny hop over the handlebar excursion. He regained composure only to find his brakes were locked up. He managed to bring home a respectable 4th considering.

Anne and Blair showed up to represent all the ladies in the house. This was Anne’s first CX race and she finished in a promising 2nd place while racing her mid-90’s steel mountain bike, which somehow has similar geometry to a modern CX bike. Apparently Blair won the “Biff of the Day” award! Not sure were Blair ended at the end of the race.

Category B:
James, Ben (still flying THC colors), Matt and Scott were in the B race. I think Ben hooked up a 2nd place overall with pure mud sliding skills and James won a bag of donuts for the first lap prime. James was trying to avoid a “downed rider” and bunny hop the creek only to TACO his rim on the other side. Taco’s are much better with salsa and guacomole. James kicked his rim into shape and rode for a while without back brakes. The tire eventually popped, he grabbed a replacement and somehow kept out of DFL. Scott had something up his sleeves and looked like he was out for a cruise to FHK. I believe Hardball / Hairball had a top ten finish on the day as well. He has some helmet cam footage I hope he shares with the interwebs.

Category A:
CX thoroughbred mudders Chewning, Ben, Matt, Scott and Alex were all ready to terrorize the “A” race with a fury of hungry*
Chewning went out solid and strong with Scott pushing him around the fun track. I had to leave early but I do know Chewning (slumberjack) grabbed a podium spot with a solid 2nd behind Ryan Gamm. Slumberjack says he’s never beat Ryan. Well son, this is your year to get one on him! Pardi was definitely pre-race’n the course with the “B” crowd and ended up just off of the podium with a 4th! The only other result I know is that Stinker got lapped while riding a borrowed bike and wearing borrowed shoes. I would’ve liked to hear that he grabbed a top 5 while on a borrowed road bike with down tube shifters and cages. sadly, that’s not the case.

What a great muddy time!

Again thanks to QCW Lionhearts for organizing this race. The Lionhearts are creating a slew of fast racers that have no plans on watching your rear wheel for too long!



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