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Hungry winter training

Posted on December 19th, by james o'loughlin in news, stuff. No Comments

Jamie and I went out to Team Hungry’s top secret winter training routes. Think Mt. Ventoux with a mountain top lake.

Cyclocross Year-end Wrap-up

Posted on December 18th, by s. pellegrino in news, race reports. 2 comments

Team Hungry was well represented throughout the 2010 regional cyclocross scene. Thirteen team members, some veterans and some newly joined, raced more than 85 races combined, making it to the podium thirteen times.  The main focus was the increasingly popular Ohio Valley Cyclocross series (OVCX), consisting of fifteen races from mid-September through early December, including the epic three-day UCI3 Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival, three state championship races, and two days of the USGP.  The team also dabbled in the Cap City Cross series out of Columbus, and two members even made a special appearance at the last two USGP races in Portland, OR.

We all know what CX is about, riding the orange-red heart rate train of pain for 45-60 minutes, making friends and rivals, laughing, heckling, beer, falling, getting back up, mechanicals, and most of all -fun. But it also includes … Read More »


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Now that I’m a real adult and do things like go to my friends’ weddings, drink top shelf, well-crafted bourbon, and use a nose hair trimmer I often think of the word “snow day” as an excuse to bitch about having to clean the snow off my car for my one mile commute to work. Well, when that “snow day” falls on an off day…what’s there to do than realize that I’m actually nowhere near the adult stage of my life and get totally rad on slushy streets and frozen wading ponds?!

Michael roused me from my slumber at noon and said, “Snow ride!” That means: snow pants, too many layers, cold hands, brickfoot, and NO BRAKES! Seriously…if you don’t have disc brakes, good luck coming to a stop at a reasonable distance after barreling down from Mt. … Read More »

Tweet Tweet

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Team Hungry Cycling is on Twitter!  Please Follow us for race day updates as they happen.  Also follow us for the sweet jokes.  Twitter : @weareteamhungry

Thanks Fellow Appetizers!

Hungry For Base Miles!

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Saturday marked the first day of the new season.  Ok I know technically its still 2010 and its early to start getting base, but we just couldn’t resist.  We started from PPB (Purple People Bridge) at 9:00 a.m. sharp.  It was quite chilly that morning, but everyone was much too excited to care.  The ride was organized by Adam.  I can safely say that this next season is going to be phenomenal.  The turnout was just spectacular.  I guess its the new ambition of the new members.  We had Scott P, Eric P, Adam, Mc Chewnimser, Jamie, Matt, and myself.  That and 50 miles of trust old Kentucky made for a great ride.  I fell off the back a couple times to take some pics!  We ended at Coffee Emporium for an excellent meal!

Ride Stats:


56.15 mi

Elevation Gain:
2,290 ft

2,070 C

Avg Temperature:
42.6 … Read More »

Team Hungry Grows for 2011 Season!

Posted on December 10th, by alex in criterium, news, road racing, stuff. 2 comments

Thats right!  Team Hungry is happy to welcome the addition to 5 new hungarians.  These are all people that we believe live and breathe the Hungry lifestyle.  Words can not explain how excited we are to have all of these wonderful people on our team for 2011 season.  Here are the names.

Anne Mcdonald, Blaire Barter, Jamie Williamson, Matt Harbaugh, and Adam Noderer.

First and foremost I must say how excited I am to have Anne and Blaire on the team.  Anne has been on the “Thursday Night Hungry Buffett All You Can Eat Ride” and absolutely smoked me.  Very strong rider indeed.  I haven’t personally had the chance to meet Blaire yet, but i have heard some great stories about her abilities.

I first met Jamie at Gun Club Cross a few months ago.  I was taken back because a stranger came … Read More »

Portland USGP Photos Cont.

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Found some great photos from USGP Day 2. Alex is holding first place wheel for the first 2 laps. MC looks strong through the twistys.

Portland USGP

Posted on December 6th, by michael in cyclocross, news, race reports. 2 comments

A few weeks ago Alex called me – “Wanna go to Portland USGP?” – of course I did!

I barely have a job, and my bank account is diminishing since my high roller days in an office, but it doesn’t matter. When a buddy ask you to go race in Portland, you just have to make it work. The opportunity to race through the infamous mud and roaring crowds is something that a cyclocross racer cannot turn down.

We arrived in Portland Friday and stayed with an original Hungarian – Brentus Momentus. He hooked us up with his single speeds to race with so that we didn’t have to pay the exorbitant shipping fees for our own bikes. We went to the veloshop to build up the bikes. This is Molly Cameron’s shop so we got to drool over her … Read More »