Vandervorts Corner Road Race OSRS #4

THC scores again! In our third race of the series we gained our third first place finish as Zach Cahill hit the line in the CAT5 race. Congratulations to Zach Attack. At a glance you’d think he was a pure climber, but racing smart allowed him to fair well on the flat to rolling course best suited for sprinters. Next best finish of the day came from Scott in the CAT4’s with a bunch sprint to the line putting him in 4th.

Scott seemed to be a marked man, and spent the day chasing attacks, while never being let to get away in a break himself. Though he dreads a sprint finish, he hustled to put himself in a good position to limit the damage.  Everyone else rode strong and reported a good quality race with lots of attacks and team tactics (other teams are well represented) in play. Nathan Kemphues survived his first road race quite well, giving a nice pull for the field in his race. MC Chewning finished in the sprint bunch of CAT3’s and Kerry and Eric dreamt of hills to add some excitement to their races. Thanks to Jacky and Christa and Alex for the sideline support! Photos forthcoming. Next race: Spring Valley.

Hueston Woods Road Race – Ohio Spring Series #3

Huge success!! THC riders did NOT race this one -we hosted it and represented as volunteers. AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS!!! We put on another great race in the beautiful rolling and turning wooded terrain of Hueston Woods. The sun was shining, the fields were packed with riders, and only a couple of cases of road rash were had. All in all, we had a great turnout for this classic and respected race. Here are a few pics of THC volunteers and some of the racing.

Mitchell Memorial Road Race – Ohio Spring Series #2

THC team mates MC Chewning, Scotty P, Michael Starr, and Zach Cahill battled the elements and the elevation at the epic Mitchell Memorial road race. The 8.2 mile wooded and wild course featured a steep, wicked curvy downhill section with at least one off-camber turn, a few sharp banked curves, which led to a long fast rolling section, then cut right to kick up a bit, back down, and then right again into a long, curvy and sometimes bitingly steep uphill section, with a flatish finish area at the top. Done several times at race pace and the boys calves threatened to jump ship and hide in the woods. The weather just upped the ante; 30+ mile per hour wind gusts and patches of rain made the top section a brutal battle to hold a line in the headwind and the slick wet roads made for a white-knuckle descent. But the race went on, fast and ferocious. The boys did well to survive the course with the best finishes from Scott who soloed in to take 1st in the CAT4 race and Michael Chewning’s 10th in the CAT3’s.


Scott solos for the win

Chewning in the pack

Germantown Road Race – Ohio Spring Series #1

The team represented well at our first race of the season. Seven Hungrians -Michael Starr, Michael Chewning, Andrew Suchocki, Alex Steinker, Scott Pardi, Zach Cahill, and Kerry Nordstrom -braved the blustery, cold drizzle in the rolling countryside near Germantown, Ohio. The course included several gravelly turns, some tight rollers, and a short, yet knarly, rolling climb into a headwind to the slightly uphill finish. Everyone seemed to fair well -no crashes- though Mike Starr (Cat4) had a technical which cost a lot of energy during a long chase of the pack. Alex, Kerry, and Zach hung on in a very fast and challenging Cat5 race. Congrats to Zach and Alex for working hard in rough conditions in their first race. Michael Chewning suffered like a dog in the combined Cat123 race, apparently a little too Hungry for the night life before race day, thus catching the bonk from not eating or sleeping enough -lesson learned. Best finishes for the day include Scott taking first in the Cat4 race after a long bridge leading to a two-man break that ended with Scott out-hustling his rival before the line, and Andrew taking 5th in the Cat4 with a strong effort to shatter his competition in the chase group. All-in-all we had a great time despite the weather. Post race, we celebrated with Starr’s excellent home brew then gorged ourselves on local Mexican. Congrats all around. A few pics from the race:

Andrew digs for 5th CAT4

Scott takes the win before the line CAT4

MC with the big boys

Starr on the chase CAT4

Alex's first race CAT5

Kerry up front in the pack CAT5

Zach in the pack CAT5