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pee pee

Posted on March 27th, by james o'loughlin in stuff. No Comments

Local Police love Team Hungry.

On the ride last night, Scott had to pee pretty bad so we pulled over while he took care of his business. Seconds after he had “it” pulled out, a cop came from behind. He stopped his car, rolled down his window, and said “I’d write you a ticket for indecent exposure, but you are already in decent exposure.”

Use that joke in you next stand-up routine and make sure that you’re in your Hungry kit next time you’re in court.

When the tough get going, GO

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As you can see below, many of us did our first race of the year yesterday at the Tour da Booze. Pardi, Eric, Starr, K-tizzle and Ben did the Cat 4/5 and I did the Cat 1/2/3.

As we geared up for the race, I was amazed to see how many “serious” racers were there. Of about 16 in my field, 10 or so were probably Cat 1’s. Dino and I were surprised to see that teams worthy of Velo News showed up in full force at a race inspired by alcohol. I guess it goes to show that people don’t need huge pay-outs and prizes to want to race.

My race started very, very slow – The fast guys in the pack would sprint away, get caught, and then whole field would slow down to a crawling pace. This pattern repeated … Read More »

team hungry did 2 things today

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Race, and drink beer.


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Phil Wood Anniversary Track Hubset.

Only one hundred of them are being made, and according to the Phil Wood site there are only about 10 left to pre-order. Notice that the gold is not anodized – they are gold plated.

Screw getting a grill. If I needed some new track wheels, I’d be all over these. If you want to be the hottest thing on Major Taylor this summer, go for it now.

six two let’s go

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3v3 (and some 4v4), two days. Finally found a site worth a damn, that which is made of a flat, non pock-marked and paved surface, and has WALLS. Tie that to the most pristine day of pre-spring weather and we are in business. The only thing we needed to have happen is for folks to turn up. In that, we had about ten players, some of which I had never even seen play. If only we could get all of those who have come out intermittently to appear all at once…

Here we are playing within wafting distance of Montgomery Inn’s gaudy post-Soviet structure to the east and the Carl Lindner Tennis complex also hidden behind a concrete wall. It is approximately a circle although I think it is slightly longer than it is wide. With some dilligence, lots of plywood, … Read More »